Celebrate Black Dog Friday

Celebrate Black Dog Friday today.


Are you aware that Black dogs are the most overlooked, least adopted and therefore most euthanized dogs?

Please visit your local animal shelter or rescue group and adopt a wonderful Black Dog today.

Black Dog Friday.org, A Cause Marketing Awareness program of Green Pets America Cause Marketing Consultants

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Cause Marketing From Green Pets America Consulting

Green Pets America, creating symbiotic, mutually beneficial, Cause Marketing programs between business and nonprofit animal welfare causes.


Subaru cars who focus their marketing ads on the bond between humans and their companion animals, is a successful Cause Marketing example. The mutual benefit is that Subaru receives “halo effect admiration” from animal lovers, sells more cars, and animal welfare causes get financial support from Subaru to fund their causes. A classic win- win cause marketing program.

Steve is a nonprofit executive, animal welfare thought leader and Founder, Executive Director of Green Pets America Charities. Creating outside the box, Cause Marketing programs for the Pet Industry and Non-Profit Animal Welfare Organizations. Steve created Cause Marketing programs such as Black Dog Friday, Rescue Renew Rehome, Save A Life, Green Shelters and CARLA – [Companion Animal Right to Life Act].

Green Pets America Consulting is an IRS 501c3 nonprofit.  Atlanta Georgia. Established 2005 –  EIN 77-0681947.Website: www.GreenPetsAmerica.org

If we can help you create a unique Cause Marketing program benefiting your business and an animal welfare cause please email us at: Steve@GreenPetsAmerica.org

Cause Marketing From Green Pets America Consulting

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Steven Monahan founder

Hi, I’m Steven Monahan – 

steven monahan founderI am an author and publisher. Founder Black Swan Publishing and the Nonfiction Writers Guild.

Author Art of Dance – Art of Life and Rescue Renew Rehome. Website: http://StevenMonahan.com

Additionally, I’m an animal welfare advocate: founder of Green Pets America Charities, at their formation rescued death row shelter dogs, and now creates marketing adoption awareness programs for animal shelters and rescue organizations: such as Black Dog Friday, and CARLA – [Companion Animal Right to Life Act]. Website: http://GreenPetsAmerica.org

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my vegan canine

As a Vegan myself, it has been my dream to craft and sell a high quality line of Vegan Canine Food. Well, Green Pets America’s, “My Vegan Canine” Food is now on the drawing board.

After we complete our research and testing we’ll make the decision.

If you have suggestions for what you want to to see in a high quality vegan food for your canine companion animal, please drop us a note at Steve@GreenPetsAmerica.org. Let us know what you want to see included in, “My Vegan Canine”

Thank you,

Steven Monahan, Founder – Green Pets America.org

my vegan canine

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189 Year Old Vegan Border Collie

Bramble a 189-Year-Old Vegan Border Collie, was the world’s oldest living dog.

189 year old border collie

Supermarket pet foods are often composed of ground-up parts of animals deemed by U.S. Department of Agriculture inspectors unfit for human consumption. The flesh of animals who fall into one of the categories of the four D’s—dead, dying, diseased, or disabled—is what often goes into pet food. Many of these animals have died of infections and other diseases.

In most all states it is legal to remove unusable parts from chickens and sell them to pet food manufacturers. Most pet foods contain the same hormones, pesticides, and antibiotics that are found in commercial meat products for humans

Vegetarian Dogs. Many vegetarians and vegans feed healthful, meatless diets to their companion animals. According to an article by PETA, one long life, healthy vegan dog example is that of Bramble, a 27-year-old border collie whose vegan diet of rice, lentils, and organic vegetables earned her consideration by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s oldest living dog in 2002.

The dog, Bramble, a blue merle Border Collie, lived in the UK. What’s most amazing about Bramble is he actually lived on a vegan only diet of rice, lentils and organic vegetables. Her owner said he ate once a day and exercised a lot.

The owner of the dog, Anne Heritage, was a vegan herself. She just fed Bramble a big bowl of vegan dinner every evening. She explains that Bramble “is an inspiration and it just goes to show that if we eat the right things and keep on exercising, our pets and ourselves can extend our life”.

Seven Human Years for Every One Dog Year. The age of 189 years comes from the common usage of counting 7 human years for every one dog year. This method is sometimes debated, but any way you count it – Bramble lived a long life.

Studies have shown that the ailments associated with meat consumption in humans, such as allergies, cancer, and kidney, heart, and bone problems, also affect many nonhumans. Pet food has also been recalled during mad cow disease, or bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), scares because of the risk that contaminated meat was processed into the food. One deputy commissioner states that cats especially “are susceptible to BSE.”

The nutritional needs of dogs and cats are easily met with a balanced vegan diet and certain supplements, stated James Peden, author of Vegetarian Cats & Dogs,

Some people wonder if it’s “unnatural” to omit meat from the diet of a dog or cat. Animals in the wild commonly eat quite a lot of plant matter. Besides, to feed them the meat that they would naturally eat, you would have to serve them whole mice or birds or allow them to hunt for themselves, an option that is unfair to native species of birds and other small animals, since companion cats and dogs have been removed from the food chain and have advantages that free-roaming animals lack.

Vegetarian or vegan dogs and cats enjoy their food and good health, and a vegan or vegetarian diet for your companion animal is ethically consistent with animal rights philosophy, and our green living beliefs at Green Pets America….Green Pets, People Planet.


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Companion Animal Right to Life Act Join on Facebook

Companion Animal Right to Life Act Facebook

Thank you all for your kind Birthday wishes today. My remaining years are dedicated to bringing long life to our companion animals. Please like the Companion Animal Right to Life Act on Facebook.

Like – Companion Animal Right to Life Act Facebook


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Green Pets America Charities

Green Pets America Charities.

The vision of Green Pets America Charities is to legally secure personhood for all companion animals in America extending to them a right to life.

To that goal Green Pets America has created “CARLA – Companion Animals Right Life Act”. We lobby State by State and Nationally to enact laws that give all companion animals the legal classification of “Personhood”, which will give them protection from harm, cruelty and euthanization without due process of law.

As the Executive Director of Green Pets America Charities we are asked regularly, Do Our Companion Animals Have A Right To Life? Sadly, the answer is. No.

In America our companion animals do not have a right to life.

This must change! And we are working hard and working smart to make it happen.

At green Pets America we believe that our companion animals have a right to life, just as we humans. We must no longer in America categorize companion animals as “Things”. Being classified today legally as “Things” they are worth no value. They can be harmed or killed and it is legal in the eyes of the court.

We believe that our companion animals must be legally granted the classification of “Personhood”. With personhood legal status they can no longer be killed at whim in shelters or by hateful people who have no value for the lives and joy our companion animals bring to us and this world.

Every year 7 million companion animals enter our animals shelters. About 4 million are adopted. And the remaining 3 million? They are euthanized. Why because they have no legal rights. There are no laws to stop euthanizing healthy shelter companion animals. The “Law” says they are merely “things” that can disposed of by the shelters at will. When we pass the Companion Animal Right to Life Act, CARLA setting in place the “Personhood Law” and classify them from things to personhood, then and only then will we stop killing America’s companion animals.

Please Join with green Pets America as we educate, fight and lobby for a right to life for our companion animals.

Please Donate to CARLA Companion Animal Right to Life Act today



 green pets america

Our Top 10 Accomplishments 

  1. Gold Star rated by GuideStar, and top rated by Great Nonprofits, the two top national non-profit rating associations.
  2. Rescued and adopted thousands of homeless and shelter dogs and cats.
  3. Awarded Humanitarian award from State Senate of Georgia.
  4. Awarded Community Citizen Award from our home base city of Woodstock.
  5. Forged good strong local and national business relationships.
  6. Hold monthly Board and community volunteer, advisory group and board meetings.
  7. Created CARLA – Companion Animals Right Life Act.
  8. We published our best selling and groundbreaking animal welfare book “Rescue Renew Rehome” It is available online on Amazon Books and Barnes & Noble, Books a Million and locally at book shops across America. This is a practical guide to show how to develop no-kill full adoption green animal shelters across America to greatly improve the success rate of adoptions in a community.
  9. Publish a weekly magazine.
  10. Provide emergency food and medical care programs.

Hello, My name is Steve Monahan and I am the founder and Executive Director of Green Pets America Charities. If you believe as I do that Americans are a kind people who love their companion animals. And you no longer accept the killing of millions of shelter animals every year. And that America CAN with intelligent, selfless and compassionate animal welfare leadership finally end the killing of its shelter and homeless animals, then join with Green Pets America. Donate to CARLA today.

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Adoption Marketing Consultants, to Animal Shelters and Animal Rescue Organizations. Atlanta, Georgia

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