About Green Pets America Foundation

About the Green Pets America Foundation.

Feeding the mind & nourishing the heart of humanity for animals


Consider Green Pets America as a green community garden if you will, for the planting, cultivating, gathering and then sharing of ideas.

Ideas on how to make this a better garden of life for people and pets to live in harmony, share and be nourished by the human and animal bond. Come and join with us as we gather and share big ideas and small ideas. about green pets america foundation

At Ideas Institute Georgia we gather a cornucopia of varied ideas to improve the human and animal bond: ideas from science, to business, to art, to relationships. Ideas to grow our minds and ideas to nourish our hearts. Ideas to move us from disposing of our animals to celebrating our animals. Ideas from new ways of thinking about animals, to new ways of helping animals. Ideas to nourish and grow not only our own personal lives, but the communities we live in and the people we share this amazing global garden of life with.