20 Acre Pet Retail Village Being Designed

20 Acre Pet Retail Village Being Designed.

The Future of Pet Retail in America is before us. Steve Monahan founder of the Green Pets America Foundation has conceptualized and spearheaded the development of a totally new concept in pet retail and pet adoption in America.  According to Steve Monahan the 20 Acre, Pet Retail Village Being Designed will be named CELEBRATION and will be America’s first destination center for all things pets. Think Disney for pet lovers.

CELEBRATION will be a beautiful green destination center for pet owners to spend the day with their pets and other friendly pet lovers. Each Disney-esque designed destination center will be designed and built as an eco-friendly 20-acre green space with quaint retail stores, green pet park, walking trails, events stadium, and restaurants.

CELEBRATION will include an open, beautiful adoption store with pets from local shelters and rescue groups. There will be a myriad of retail pet boutique shops: both high-end and discount shops: professional veterinary facilities, pet hotel, grooming, boarding, other services, no-kill pet adoption, and indoor and outdoor pet events facilities and two pet-friendly indoor and outdoor restaurants.

Steve Monahan Celebrations concept designer a prior Fortune executive and animal welfare thought leader. Steve has been recognized by the State of Georgia State and City of Woodstock for humanitarian efforts on behalf of Georgia’s families and companion animals.

If you are a pet industry leader interested in breaking the retail mold, creating a new paradigm in pet retail and animal care please email Steven Monahan at Steven@StevenMonahan.com for more information.

Steve Monahan, is the author of the best seller books,  ART OF THE BLACK DOG AND RESCUE RENEW REHOME.

20 Acre Pet Retail Village Being Designed