Stand For Me Animal Quote


Stand Animal Quote

Stand For Me Animal Quote:

The Animals of the world exist for their own reason.

They were not made for humans, any more than black people were made for white, or women created for men.

Alice Walker

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Canine Assisted Children’s Therapy Programs

 Canine Assisted Children’s Therapy Programs, growing across America.

As dog lovers, we understand how much of a difference a dog can make to someone in pain – both physically and emotionally. So we just love it when we see those in the healthcare industries who realize it too! Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Cente rrecently welcomed two facility dogs to the Division of Child Life and Integrative Care.

Canine Assisted Children's Therapy Programs

The Division of Child Life and Integrative Care at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital works with inpatients and visiting patients to offer family-centered and holistic care. Child Life specialists are committed to promoting play and providing age-appropriate educational, developmental and psychological support. The golden retrievers, Drummer and Leica, provide physical and emotional support to patients as part of the Animal Assisted Therapy program.

Canine Assisted Children's Therapy Programs

Drummer and Leica are specially bred and trained to work as therapy dogs in a hospital setting. The hospital received the dogs from Canine Assistants, a nonprofit in Milton, GA, that breeds and trains service dogs and has worked with five other pediatric hospitals across the country.

Canine Assisted Children's Therapy Programs

Unlike volunteer dogs that visit the medical center, the facility dogs will be at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital every day with their handlers in the Division of Child Life and Integrative Care and will have access to clinics and inpatient units.

“Drummer comes to work with me every single day. He stays with me throughout the day, and comes home with me at night. And when it’s time for him to retire, he’ll stay with me too,” said Ashley Fiffick, Josh Cares child life specialist, Child Life and Integrative Care.

Canine Assisted Children's Therapy Programs

In the short time Drummer and Leica have been at the hospital, they have already made significant impacts on patients.

“She was out of it, not happy, and in a lot of pain,” said Leanne Biondo of her daughter Gia, who was an inpatient for five months. “A few minutes later, Drummer came in and her eyes lit up when he jumped on the bed. Suddenly, that pain was forgotten about. Gia is like a whole new person when Drummer walks in.”


Canine Assisted Children's Therapy Programs

Gia and Drummer

The dogs can physically interact with patients to provide comfort and love in ways that medical caregivers and therapists cannot. Research shows that dog assisted therapy can lower stress and anxiety levels, affect blood pressure, increase patient mobility, and provide an alternative focus from pain.

Watch their full video below to learn more about Dummer and Leica and this amazing program:

“My vision is that this is the beginning,” said Sharon McLeod, senior clinical director, Child Life and Integrative Care. “Our dream is that it will grow and we will have more members of our hospital staff that will have beautiful, wagging tails.”

Green Pets America Charities, Atlanta, GA.
Canine Assisted Children's Therapy Programs
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I Am Canine Grant Me Life

I Am Canine Animal Grant Me Life

I am not a thing. You are not a thing.

I am a canine animal. You are a human animal.

You think. I think

You feel pain & happiness. I feel pain and happiness.

You love life. I love life.

You do not want to die. I do not want to die.

Grant me a right to life.

I Am Canine Animal Grant Me Life


Donate To CARLA today

I am canine grant me life

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How a Thing Can Legally Become a Person

I AM NOT A THINGHow a Thing Can Legally Become a Person. Can a Canine, now legally considered to be only a “Thing” under current law transition legally to “Personhood”?

Late in 2013, the lawyer Steven Wise showed the world how, with a little legal Karate, that an animal can transition from a thing without rights to a person with legal protections. Mr. Wise filed the first-ever lawsuits in the United States demanding limited “personhood” rights, on behalf of four captive chimpanzees in New York State.

Mr. Wise has spent more than 30 years developing his strategy for attaining animal personhood rights. After he started his career as a criminal defense lawyer, he was inspired by Peter Singer’s book “Animal Liberation” to dedicate himself to justice for animals. He helped pioneer the study of animal rights law in the 1980s. In 2000, he became the first person to teach the subject at Harvard Law School, as a visiting lecturer. Mr. Wise began developing his animal personhood strategy after struggling with ineffective welfare laws and regulations that fail to keep animals out of abusive environments. Unlike welfare statutes, legal personhood would give some animals irrevocable protections that recognize their critical needs to live and to not be owned, abused or killed.

The current focus of Mr. Wise’s legal campaign includes chimpanzees, elephants, whales and dolphins — animals whose unusually high level of intelligence has been recognized by scientific research. The body of scientific work on chimpanzee cognition, in particular, is enormous, and scientific testimony is crucial to Mr. Wise’s legal arguments. His team, the Nonhuman Rights Project (NhRP), selected as its first plaintiffs four chimps living in New York: Tommy, Kiko, Hercules and Leo. He chose these animals in large part because New York’s common laws are favorable to habeas corpus lawsuits, and because there are great ape sanctuaries that could accommodate them.

If Mr. Wise wins, he will have successfully broken down the legal wall that separates animals from humans. His plaintiffs, the four chimps, will be deemed legal persons and relocated to outdoor sanctuaries around the United States. In many ways, the lawsuits have already won: They have brought animal personhood to the forefront of the conversation surrounding our society’s relationship with animals.

Mr. Wise’s work the past years inspired our strategy to seek legal status for Canines as cognitive and sentient beings for personhood. It will as Mr. Wise is experiencing but it will be the only way we can end the killing of Canines, based on their present legal status as “things” with no rights or protection under Federal and State Laws.

To learn more and support our legal efforts please visit

And purchase our upcoming book due out in April, “I AM NOT A THING”, outlining our arguments and strategy to save the OVER TWO MILLION Canines legally euthanized in America each year.

Canines are not things, they possess sentient feelings and cognizant thinking just as we do. Join I AM NOT A as we argue for legal “personhood” for Canines, versus the present legal status of Canines as unintelligent, non feeling, non alive “things”.  Changing the law is the only way to end the legal killing of canines in our animal shelters.

We hope our work will inspire you to think differently about canines’ right to life.



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Companion Animals Are Not Things

Legally our companion animals are classified as mere “things”. Learn what they really are.



I Am Not A Thing

I Am A Sentient Being – I Feel Emotions

I Am A  Cognizant Being – I Can Think

You Are A Homosapien Animal

I Am A Companion Animal

You Have A Right To Life

I deserve A Right To Life

Companion animals are not things: they possess sentient feelings and cognizant thinking just as we do.

Support the Companion Animal Right to Life as we argue for legal “personhood” for Companion animals, versus the present legal status of Companion animals as unintelligent, non feeling, non alive “things”.  

Changing the law is the only way to end the legal killing of Companion animals in our animal shelters. While Animal Welfare is good… Animal Rights are even better.

companion animal are not things

Donate to 

Companion Animal Right to Life 

Help us educate, fight and change the law for the legal status of “Personhood” for Companion Animals.

I am not a thingA program of Green Pets America Charities, Atlanta GA.

 501c3 IRS Certified – GoldStar Rated Non Profit Since 2005I am not a thing

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Are Canines Persons?

The “Law” states that Canines are “Things” and do not possess “Personhood”

At one time slaves, women and children did not have personhood and could be harmed and even killed.

Human thinking evolved and the laws were changed.

Help us evolve our thinking on canines.

Help us bring federal suit and secure “personhood” for our canines.

This is not so far-fetched. Cases have been filed for Great Apes, Chimpanzees and Dolphins and are in legal action today.



Are Canines Persons?

are canines persons?

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