Bright Future of Pet Retail in America, Green Pets America

The Bright Future of Pet Retail in America is before us.

Building the future of pet retail in America: Green Pets America has developed the first pet retail village; including a myriad of pet need boutique shops: high end and discount shops: professional veterinary facilities, pet hotel, grooming, boarding, other services, pet adoption and indoor and outdoor pet events facilities.

Green Pets America: national non-profit organization founded in 2004, for rescue, spay & neuter, food pantry, foster homes and adoptions. We have worked cooperatively with other rescue organizations and local animal shelter directors, city and state leaders across America. GPA has been recognized by the Georgia Senate and City of Woodstock for efforts on behalf of Georgia’s families and companion animals. 

GPA’s Executive Director and founder, Steve Monahan, is an animal welfare leader, speaker on companion animal rights and author of the best seller book, RESCUE RENEW REHOME and soon to be released book, Bright Future of Pet Retail in America, Green Pets AmericaBright Future of Pet Retail in America, Green Pets America

Interested in partnering at a corporate level with Green Pets America in building a Green Pets America retail village in your state or city:


bright Future of Pet Retail in America Green Pets America


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Pit Bulls

pit bulls

Pit Bulls have big heads, yes.

But more important is they have big hearts.

In a world becoming jaded and heartless, we need more, not less big hearts around us.

Pit Bulls in the 1920’s and 1930’s were America’s most popular family dogs. They were called Nannie Dogs, because the Nannies who took care of the families children wanted a lovable dog around to teach the children to love all animals.

Then in the 90s inner city “Thugs” claimed Pits as there dog and ruined a big hearted dogs reputation. But at their heart Pit Bulls are still lovable dogs.

Rescue a Pit Bull from a local shelter or rescue group today.

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Do Cats Go To Heaven?

People Ask Do Cats Go to Heaven?

They say all Dogs Go To Heaven. Well do cats go to heaven as well. The answer to that is yes, all Cats Go to Heaven, too. Why? well just as dogs and all companion animals, our cats make us feel better, knowing they are with us…even if it’s somewhere hiding under the bed.

And all animals, big and small love us. And loving everyone unconditionally is the ticket to heaven for us and for them.

Do cats go to heaven

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