Can America stop killing millions of shelter animals?

The question in animal welfare is: Can America stop killing millions of shelter animals?

Our belief at Green Pets America Charities is America CAN.


We believe that American’s are a kind people who love their companion animals.

We believe America no longer accepts the killing of millions of shelter animals every year.

We believe with compassionate leadership America Can end the killing of its homeless animals.

Further, we believe that the present model for animal welfare is broken. It must be updated for the 21st century. We believe that to achieve full adoptions in every community across America our animal industry must partner with each local animal shelter.

Shelters can no longer go it alone. Rescue groups can no longer run their organizations with little to no funding, begging for donations. Each community must come together to care for all the companion animals in its community. Each community must support and sufficiently fund their shelters.

The animal industry in each community can no longer sit on the sidelines, leaving it to welfare groups to do it alone. We believe the 21st century model must therefore be a community partnership model for each community across America. Ever community across America must build a nexus of organizations in their community of retail animal businesses, veterinary professionals, shelters, non-profit rescues, and government entities with the single focus to achieve 95% adoption rates in their community.

Our 5 Core Beliefs. 

  1. America can compassionately care and protect from harm its companion animals
  2. America can adopt 95% of its healthy shelter animals
  3. America can adopt all its local rescue group companion animals
  4. America can feed all its hungry companion animals
  5. America can help all its seniors, military and families in need with their companion animals

green pets americaOur Top 10 Accomplishments?

  1. Gold Star rated by Guide Star and Great Nonprofits the top national non-profit rating associations.
  2. Rescued and adopted thousands of homeless and shelter dogs and cats.
  3. Awarded Humanitarian award from State Senate of Georgia.
  4. Awarded Community Citizen Award from our home base city of Woodstock.
  5. Forged good strong local and national business relationships.
  6. Hold monthly Board and community volunteer, advisory group and board meetings.
  7. Community Town Halls for input and direction on community animal welfare needs.
  8. We published our groundbreaking animal welfare book “Rescue Renew Rehome” It is available online on Amazon Books and Barnes & Noble, Books a Million and locally at book shops across America. This is a practical guide to show how to develop no-kill full adoption green animal shelters across America to greatly improve the success rate of adoptions in a community.
  9. Publish a weekly magazine.
  10. Provide emergency food and medical care programs.

Hello, My name is Steve Monahan and I am the founder and Executive Director of America CAN. and Green Pets America Charities. If you believe as I do that Americans are a kind people who love their companion animals. And you no longer accept the killing of millions of shelter animals every year. And that America CAN with intelligent, selfless and compassionate animal welfare leadership finally end the killing of its shelter and homeless animals then join with us. Please subscribe to our Newsletter.

Can America stop killing millions of shelter animals?

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Donation For Dog

Donation For Dog Needed

America CAN,  formerly Green Pets America Charities is an animal welfare organization founded in 2004 in Atlanta, GA. to support our companion animals.

We are Gold star rated by Guidestar and recognized by our State for humanitarian service to families with pets.

green pets america

We have an immediate need from an elderly blind woman whose 14 year old dog has a severe infection. She relies solely on social security. Her dog is her world. Please help us cover the veterinary care.

Please make a donation today to Green Pets America’s, Emergency Medical Care Program. We provide much needed critical care to families with sick pets. We also provide free pet food, spay & neuter, pet wheelchairs and other needs.


donation for dog


By helping pets and families in need we keep pets and families together. Every pet we help is one less loving pet that gets turned into the animal shelter.

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Pet food recall BLUE BUFFALO

Pet food recall BLUE BUFFALO

Pet food recall BLUE BUFFALO

Blue Buffalo has announced it is recalling a batch of its dog food — “Life Protection Formula Fish and Sweet Potato Recipe for Dogs”   because of excessive moisture and possible mold.

The recall is limited to a single batch that was manufactured during a two-hour period, the Wilton, Conn., company says.

The batch in question was sold in 30-pound bags, with the best-sold-by date of April 11, 2017. The batch data is AH 2A 12:08-14:00. You can find the “best by” date on the bottom right of the back panel.

If you have the product, the company advises that you discontinue use immediately. Customers can return the affected product to the place of purchase for a full refund.


Pet food recall BLUE BUFFALO



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Welcome to CNN – CANINE NEWS NETWORK, Atlanta Georgia.

The largest canine only publication in the whole wide world

cnn canine news network

And one of the best parts is it’s free…did we say FREE. And it’s delivered via email to you every morning.

CNN –  CANINE NEWS NETWORK has literally hundreds of articles and tips on nutrition, wellness, food, care and lots of cute and crazy pictures of dogs EACH DAY. It arrives in the morning email 7 days a week for your fun and education.




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Is higher cost dog food really worth it?

At Meals Fur Pets we are asked on a regular basis, is higher cost dog food really worth it?

There is a huge variety of foods on the market, each promising something different. “Complete and Balanced Nutrition”; “Beautiful and Shiny Coat”; “Extra Support for Healthy Joints”. The guarantees are endless, but do these food companies deliver what they say they will? If you are buying the cheap brands from the grocery store, they definitely do not. Inside the bag or can are fillers, chemicals, and junk with no nutritional value. Is there an alternative for feeding your sweet Pittie?

Yes, and it’s sold in pet specialty stores. Premium pet food has ingredient lists which are full of things you can actually pronounce: beef, carrots, apples, flaxseed, etc. Many manufacturers of these foods use components safe for humans to eat. Some are even organically grown. Better ingredients mean more nutritionally solid pet food. More nutritious food means you don’t have to feed as much as the inferior food for your dog to be satisfied. This also means you will have less waste to pick up on your potty walks. That’s because your Pit will be using more of the food to fuel her body.

Better food isn’t just about a difference in purchase price. You will also notice results when visiting the vet. Since nutrition is the foundation of a healthy dog, your beautiful DOG will thrive while eating food that’s good for her. A healthy dog means less need to visit the vet for illness.

is higher cost dog food really worth it?

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