8 Reasons Never Feed Your Dogs from Same Bowl

8 Reasons Never Feed Your Dogs from Same Bowl

This article from green Pets is on 8 Reasons Never Feed Your Dogs from Same Bowl.

Food bowl sharing in a multi-dog household is a really bad idea. While some owners of more than one dog feed them from the same bowl, it’s a really bad idea. All dogs in the family should be fed from individual bowls, and in separate areas of the house.

  1. One reason is that if two or more dogs are fed from the same bowl, unless the owner is standing over them at every meal, he or she can’t know how much each dog is eating.
  2. It’s important to monitor your dog’s appetite as a sign of her or his general well-being. In fact, one of the first questions most veterinarians ask when you bring your pet in for an exam is, “How’s he eating?” or “Have you noticed any change in his appetite?”
  3. Another reason to feed your pets from their own bowls is to prevent a more dominant dog from eating his meal and then pushing others out of the way so he can help himself to their meals as well. Many animals over-consume calories if fed in the presence of other animals — it’s almost a form of competitive eating. This can quickly lead to obesity in a bossy dog and lack of adequate nourishment in the more submissive dog in the family.
  4. If you have two dogs and one of them has a food sensitivity or allergy. Do you make him eat the trigger food anyway because your other dog isn’t sensitive to it, or do you deprive the other dog to avoid triggering a GI disturbance in your allergic dog? Clearly neither of these solutions is ideal.
  5. The biggest risk of a shared food bowl, though, is food aggression between dogs.In a worst-case scenario, food aggression can result in injuries to a dog and/or an owner who tries to break up a dogfight. But before the “big event,” there are usually a series of smaller skirmishes occurring at mealtime.
  6. It’s the nature of dogs to compete for resources, even when there are plenty of resources to go around. Dogs view many things as worth fighting for, including favorite toys, a special napping spot or “their” human. Food, of course, is a resource, and for many dogs it’s the most important resource in their world.
  7. This is especially true of high-value foods like recreational bones or extremely tasty treats.
  8. Dogs Prefer to Dine Alone. All household dogs, even visiting dogs should be fed from individual bowls in separate areas of the home. If you can’t physically close them off from each other, constant supervision is your only option. It’s also a very good idea to pick up the bowls as soon as the dogs have eaten, even empty bowls can trigger a problem.

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