I Am Canine Grant Me Life

I Am Canine Animal Grant Me Life

I am not a thing. You are not a thing.

I am a canine animal. You are a human animal.

You think. I think

You feel pain & happiness. I feel pain and happiness.

You love life. I love life.

You do not want to die. I do not want to die.

Grant me a right to life.

I Am Canine Animal Grant Me Life


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I am canine grant me life

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Author: Steven Monahan

Steven Monahan is the founder of Green Pets America.org and Black Dog Syndrome.org. Steven was a Fortune 100 executive, retired @ 53, became an entrepreneur, started 2 executive search firms, author # 38 book on money/careers, teaches entrepreneurship. Founder of Ideas Institute Georgia. Steven teaches and speaks on entrepreneurship, career selection and the new disruptive world of work. Steven's book THE ONE THING WORKBOOK is the top 38 of all business books on Business/Money/Careers on Amazon Books. His new book is ART OF THE BLACK DOG.