Want to end 2016 on a positive note?

Want to know how to end 2016 on a positive note?

Do something in the next day to help someone else.

Why, because it will make you feel good. It will make another human being and an animal feel good. You like most worked hard and did good work in 2016. Now put the cherry on the top and do something nice for someone in need of your help and of your generosity.

Make your last act of 2016 be a donation to help your fellow man…and companion animals.

Donate. As 2016 is drawing to a close there’s still time to help a nonprofit. Hopefully that nonprofit is ours. Green Pets America Charities in Georgia.

How To End 2016 On A Positive NoteDonate and help us reach our 2016 goal of $15,000 for abused, abandoned, ill, hungry and neglected companion animals in the greater Georgia area. All donations made to the Green Pets America Charities 501c3 nonprofit before year’s end will be eligible for a 100% tax deduction, and, most importantly, will help support our critical services for companion animals and their families in need. That could mean more rescues, more adoptions, and more lives saved, so please don’t wait! Donate now to help us reach our 2016 goal.


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2017 Year of the Companion Animal

Making 2017 Year of the Companion Animal. Green Pets America Charities is not your basic “rescue the dogs” non-profit group. We make it our mission to fill in the gaps in animal welfare. In addition to Ideas Institute Atlanta, Black Dog Syndrome.org, Green Pets Europe, Companion Animal Rights.org, We Are Rescue Ga. and our book, Rescue Renew Rehome, Green Pets America Charities is bringing lots of exciting new and innovative programs under the Green Pets America Charities umbrella for 2017. Watch as we roll each one out.

Imagine – 2017 Year of the Companion Animal

GPAC is an IRS 501c3 approved nonprofit. EIN 77-0681947.

Atlanta Georgia. Established 2007.

Contact:  Steve Monahan, Executive Director

Steve@GreenPetsAmerica.org – GreenPetsAmerica.org

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SUPPORT CARLA the COMPANION ANIMALS RIGHT LIFE ACT, a Cause Marketing program of Green Pets America Charities.

Every year over 4 million companion animals in America are killed in our animal shelters.

Why? because companion animals are legally labeled “things” in the eyes of the law. We know from science however that companion animals are sentient beings: that have feelings and emotions, have intelligence and feel pain and happiness. In the 21st century companion animals must not be labeled by lawyers as things. A car is a thing. A dog or cat is not an unfeeling, unintelligent lifeless thing.

Many countries around the world have changed their laws to treat animals with rights as sentient beings. America must get on board as well. Help Green Pets America Charities change the law in America. Please support CARLA – Companion Animals Right to Life Act. Help us as we advocate for legal “personhood’ for companion animals. Give them a right to life in America.

Help us sue for our animals right to life and tell the lawyers that our companion animals are not mere things to be killed at will with no legal rights to live.








What is Cause Marketing?

Cause marketing is a type of marketing involving the cooperative efforts of a for-profit business and a non-profit organization for mutual gain. Cause marketing differs from corporate philanthropy, as the latter generally involves a specific donation that is tax-deductible, while Cause Marketing is a mutually beneficial partnership relationship not simply based on a one time donation.

What Are the Benefits of Cause Marketing?

The benefits of cause marketing for nonprofit organizations are many including an increased ability to promote the nonprofit organization’s cause or mission via the greater financial resources of a large business, and an increased ability to reach possible supporters through another company’s customer base.

The benefits of cause marketing for business include positive public relations, improved customer relations, additional marketing opportunities, and making more money. Studies demonstrate that people like and shop at businesses that support causes.

To learn how Cause Marketing can increase your businesses brand level, and how it can help nonprofits achieve their missions subscribe to Green Pets America to support our cause marketing programs to save the lives of America’s homeless animal shelter animals.

Our current Cause Marketing Programs you can participate in are:









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Black Dog Friday Super Hero Award

Enter your black dog for the 2017

Black Dog Friday Super Hero Award

There will be 10 winners

Each Super Hero Award Winner will have his or her story told and shared to America. In addition to your dog being selected as the Black Dog Friday Super Hero… You will receive a copy of the best seller book, RESCUE RENEW REHOME.

To enter just tell us why your black dog is your Super Hero. Article should be 100 or more words.

Please email your story article and your Super Hero dogs picture, and your picture as well to: Steven@BlackDogFriday.org


The mission of Black Dog Friday is to ensure the welfare of companion animals, particularly our black shelter dogs, and to unlesash the power of the human and companion animal love into the world.

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Steven Monahan founder

Hi, I’m Steven Monahan – 

steven monahan founderI am an author and publisher. Founder Black Swan Publishing and the Nonfiction Writers Guild.

Author Art of Dance – Art of Life and Rescue Renew Rehome. Website: http://StevenMonahan.com

Additionally, I’m an animal welfare advocate: founder of Green Pets America Charities, at their formation rescued death row shelter dogs, and now creates marketing adoption awareness programs for animal shelters and rescue organizations: such as Black Dog Friday, and CARLA – [Companion Animal Right to Life Act]. Website: http://GreenPetsAmerica.org

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Companion Animal Right to Life Act

What is The One Most Important Thing in Animal Welfare?

What is The One Most Important Thing in Animal Welfare?


What is the one thing in animal welfare, the one most important thing, from all the things we do to save our companion animals from  euthanization at shelters?

I have wrestled with that question for many years and have finally come to a crystal clear answer.

That one thing to end the killings is to secure a legal “Right to Life for all companion animals in America.

And for our companion animals to legally secure a right to life, they must legally be granted the status of “Personhood”, versus their current legal status of “Things”.

Hi, I’m Steve Monahan the founder and Executive Director of Green Pets America Charities we are asked regularly, Do Our Companion Animals Have A Right To Life? Sadly, the answer is… No.

In America our companion animals do not have a right to life.

This must change! And we are working hard and working smart to make it happen.

At green Pets America we believe that our companion animals have a right to life, just as we humans. We must no longer in America categorize companion animals as “Things”. Being classified today legally as “Things” they are worth no value. They can be harmed or killed and it is legal in the eyes of the court.

We believe that our companion animals must be legally granted the classification of “Personhood”. With personhood legal status they can no longer be killed at whim in shelters or by hateful people who have no value for the lives and joy our companion animals bring to us and this world.

Every year 7 million companion animals enter our animal shelters. About 4 million are adopted. And the remaining 3 million? They are euthanized. Why because they have no legal rights. There are no laws to stop euthanizing healthy shelter companion animals. The “Law” says they are merely “things” that can legally be killed in our animal shelters at will.

When we pass the one most important thing we in animal welfare can do, The Companion Animal Right to Life Act, CARLA, setting in place the “Personhood Law” to classify our companion animals from things to personhood, then, and only then will we stop killing America’s companion animals.

Please Join with this journey for life as we educate, fight and lobby for a legal right to life for our companion animals

 Donate to CARLA Companion Animal Right to Life fund today

green pets america

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