Black Dog Pickles

Are you aware that the least adopted, most feared and most killed dogs are black dogs?

Click this link to see the Today Show Video for the Black Dog Story.

To overcome this phenomenon Green Pets America has created a Awareness and Advocacy program. The program is Black Dog Pickles. Black Dog Pickles is our National Advocacy Program for ending Black Dog Syndrome.

The fear of black dogs is classified as a syndrome. Fear of black dogs is a phenomenon throughout the world. Because of this bias and fear black dogs are passed over for adoption in favor of lighter-colored animals.

Animal shelters work to overcome this syndrome from pet adopters but black dogs still remain the most abandoned and most euthanized dogs in animal shelters.

As Executive Director and founder of a dog rescue nonprofit, Green Pets America Charities, I have spent the last 12 years involved with rescuing dogs from shelters. Everything from walking in and pulling them out of kill shelters, to taking them to vets. To bringing them to our rescue group. We then vet them and place them in foster care. We work diligently to adopt them into loving safe homes. I’ve spent many a weekend at Pet Smart with two dozen dogs trying to get them adopted.

Through all this, one thing became apparent to me. Black Dogs are the least adopted of all the dogs we rescue. They are the least adopted in the shelters we go into as well. We always have a higher than usual selection of black dogs, versus light colored or mixed color dogs. We found that black dogs languish not only longer in shelters, but rescue groups as well. Where we can adopt other colors out on average in three months, some black dogs take up to a year…. Some, even more.

So we did some research and found that our experience was not unusual, it was sadly normal. There is a phenomenon and its name is Black Dog Syndrome (BDS). Black Dog Syndrome is known by shelters and rescue groups throughout America. Numerous respected national organizations have long recognized BDS as an issue that adversely affects the adoption rates of black pets.

So, what exactly is this syndrome? Black Dog Syndrome is a sometimes conscious, but most times unconscious mental, and emotional bias in humans against black dogs.

Well, there are many reasons, including superstitious fear of black dogs, “old wives’ tales” about black dogs, Black dogs depicted in movies and literature as evil or devilish. A scary, growling black dog can be seen in The Hound of the Baskervilles, the Harry Potter series and The Omen.

Because of Black Dog Syndrome, black dogs are the most euthanized dogs in our animal shelters.

In a survey, Pet finder the respected national organization where we post our dogs available for adoption, animal shelter and rescue groups reported that most pets are listed for about 3 months, whereas, black dogs and senior or special needs dogs average 12 months on the Pet finder adoption site.

The only real fact, not ignorance, superstition or media, and folklore bias are that black dogs do not photograph well on animal shelter websites. This is easily overcome however by simply photographing black dogs in front of blue screens or blue paper, as we do at GPA. At Green Pets America Charities,  we believe that the color of a dogs coat has nothing to do with the dogs’ temperament or personality. Ask any owner of a black dog. Ask me, we have three. Our black dogs are as loving, playful, smart and a joy to be with each day as our other two, non-black dogs.

So what can you do to end Black Dog Syndrome?

You can go to an animal shelter and adopt a black shelter dog.You can share this with friends and family, encouraging them to consider adopting a black dog the next time they get a dog. Remind people it’s not the color of the dog, but the size of her or his heart that is important. And you can buy Black Dog Pickles.

Black Dog Pickles

As part of Green Pets America’s advocacy for ending black dog syndrome, we have created a product people can enjoy and at the same time spread the word about Black Dog Syndrome. It’s Black Dog Pickles.

We hand make Black Dog Pickles in small batches and sell them at Farmers Markets and Animal Welfare Fund Raising Events. We are looking for corporate sponsors to help us produce these in larger batches and distribute then regionally and nationally. If you want to help spread the word and end the killing of half a million black shelter dogs each year please contact us at Steve@GreenPetsAmerica. We are a501c3 nonprofit, founded in 2007 and recognized by the state Senate of Georgia for Humanitarian efforts for families and animals of Georgia.

All profits go to Green Pets America Charities 501c3 non-profit for black dog syndrome education and rescue.

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A Canine is a Wolf in a fancy suit

“A Canine is a Wolf in a fancy suit “

Feed your Canine in Wolfs clothing clothing a fresh meat and green diet.

Fresh Meat: Beef, chicken, lamb, pork, venison and fish.

Green: Organic whole healthy foods consisting of vegetables and fruits.

A Canine is a Wolf in a fancy suit
a beautiful golden retriever dog looking at a bowl of vegetables


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Clean Label Movement Clean Pet Food Adviser

Clean Label Movement Clean Pet Food Adviser. According to Harvard Business Review the real marketing food story today is the relentless shift to transparency and what many call the “clean label” movement.

In the food world, a clean label focuses on having fewer ingredients that are very clear about their origins, and recognizable (e.g., “cream” versus “microparticulated whey protein concentrate,” which the fast-growing chain Panera has placed on its long “No No List”).

But “clean” is a catchall for a much broader and growing list of demands about the human and planetary impacts of all products and services (and the companies behind them). For example, in Germany, McDonald’s is experimenting with selling a burger made with organic beef. Subway just joined a growing list of companies (including, again, McDonald’s) committing to buy mainly antibiotic-free meat. Why are big, mainstream food companies moving toward more natural ingredients? Clearly, there’s a broad trend toward health and wellness, but that’s not the big news here.

Two major forces are driving this clean label movement :

  1.  Technology-driven transparency about products and their supply chains, and
  2.  Millennials, who are regularly demanding good behavior from the companies they buy from and work for. This movement, while hitting a fever pitch around products we put in or on our bodies, is not just affecting the food and personal care worlds.

clean label movement clean pet food adviser

Steven Monahan is an Animal Welfare – Rights Influencer.  Steve is founder of Green Pets America Charities and the Clean Pet Food Adviser. Both are no-profit organizations in Atlanta Georgia. His current animal welfare book is RESCUE RENEW REHOME, available on Amazon Books and other book retailers. Steve has been recognized by the State of Georgia for humanitarian efforts on behalf of families and companion animals.

Clean Pet Food Adviser

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