Clayton County Georgia Dog Starved to Death

Clayton County Georgia Dog Starved to Death

While people rail against cruelty to companion animals in China, Korea and other countries, companion animals are being tortured, abandoned to die in the streets, abused and starved to death right here in America. This is not acceptable. It must end.

This poor young dog was ignored by his owner and starved in his own backyard in Clayton County, Georgia. He died as a rescue group frantically rushed him to a vet to try to save his life.

This poor dog and his sister were left outside by their owners with no food or water. His sister survided thanks to the rescue group, but unfortunately Peace did not.

This continual abuse and inhumane cruelty to America’s companion animals must end. 

The rescue group named this dog Peace. Blessings upon those who rescue and save our companion animals from the wrath of soulless humans.

May Peace come to all America’s companion animals, killed by the cruelty of man for companion animals. May this young dog named Peace by his rescuers, finally find the peace of the Lord he was denied by Man on earth.

Companion Animal Rights



Throughout civilization, nations have codified the basic and essential rights of their society —rights that all agree must not be infringed upon by the government or other individuals or entities. In the United States, our Bill of Rights enumerates our societies enlightened cherished and essential rights including life and liberty and freedom from harm.

There is however no bill of rights for our companion animals in America. Every year over 4 million companion animals in America are killed in our animal shelters. Why? because companion animals are legally labeled merely as “Things” in the eyes of the law.  

Helpless companion animals must in this day and age be granted protection from the cruelty of man by man to companion animals. Join with us and donate to CAR as we work daily to bring the basic, essential rights of life and freedom from abuse, harm, punishment and death to companion animals in America.




Driving Companion Animal Rights Forward

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Author: Steven Monahan

Steven Monahan is the founder of Green Pets and Black Dog Former Fortune 100 Executive. Then Entrepreneur. Now Mentor and Animal Welfare Leader. Author The One Thing Workbook #38 Amazon books and Art Of The Black Dog. Steven has been recognized by the State of Georgia Senate, along with City of Woodstock for humanitarian contributions to his community and State. Steven is also the founder and Executive Director of Green Pets America Charities, a national animal welfare charity.