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What is The One Most Important Thing in Animal Welfare?

What is The One Most Important Thing in Animal Welfare?


What is the one thing in animal welfare, the one most important thing, from all the things we do to save our companion animals from  euthanization at shelters?

I have wrestled with that question for many years and have finally come to a crystal clear answer.

That one thing to end the killings is to secure a legal “Right to Life for all companion animals in America.

And for our companion animals to legally secure a right to life, they must legally be granted the status of “Personhood”, versus their current legal status of “Things”.

Hi, I’m Steve Monahan the founder and Executive Director of Green Pets America Charities we are asked regularly, Do Our Companion Animals Have A Right To Life? Sadly, the answer is… No.

In America our companion animals do not have a right to life.

This must change! And we are working hard and working smart to make it happen.

At green Pets America we believe that our companion animals have a right to life, just as we humans. We must no longer in America categorize companion animals as “Things”. Being classified today legally as “Things” they are worth no value. They can be harmed or killed and it is legal in the eyes of the court.

We believe that our companion animals must be legally granted the classification of “Personhood”. With personhood legal status they can no longer be killed at whim in shelters or by hateful people who have no value for the lives and joy our companion animals bring to us and this world.

Every year 7 million companion animals enter our animal shelters. About 4 million are adopted. And the remaining 3 million? They are euthanized. Why because they have no legal rights. There are no laws to stop euthanizing healthy shelter companion animals. The “Law” says they are merely “things” that can legally be killed in our animal shelters at will.

When we pass the one most important thing we in animal welfare can do, The Companion Animal Right to Life Act, CARLA, setting in place the “Personhood Law” to classify our companion animals from things to personhood, then, and only then will we stop killing America’s companion animals.

Please Join with this journey for life as we educate, fight and lobby for a legal right to life for our companion animals

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