Dogs are morons

Dogs are morons, but I love the beautiful Art of the Black Dog book. This uplifting art book shares the story of black dogs, black dog syndrome and that helps save the lives of black shelter dogs.. .and cats.  And, It lets people know that we black cats have a real hard time getting adopted as well.

Please purchase it, read it share it with your cat friends…and dog friends, if you must, and help save the lives of homeless black cats and black dogs.


Elegantly beautiful cocktail table book to inspire and lift your soul.

dogs are morons


Did you know that Black dogs are the least adopted most killed of all shelter dogs in America? Art of the Black Dog celebrates black dogs via stunning professional photography from around the world. This elegantly designed and produced book of beautiful black dogs is something you will treasure forever.

As the founder of an animal welfare organization GPA Charities, I’ve spent the last 12 years involved with rescuing death row dogs from shelters. Everything from walking in and pulling them out of kill shelters, to taking them to vets, to bringing them to our rescue group, to placing them in foster care and working diligently to adopt them. I’ve spent many a weekend at Pet Smart with two dozen dogs trying to get them adopted. Through all this, one thing became apparent to me. Black Dogs were the least adopted of all the dogs we rescued. They were the least adopted in the shelters we went into as well. We, therefore, had a higher than usual selection of black dogs, versus light colored or mixed color dogs to rescue from our area animal shelters.

What we also found was black dogs languished not only much longer in shelters, but rescue groups as well. Where we could adopt other colors out on average in three months, some black dogs took up to a year…. Some, even more. So, I did some research and found that our experience was not unusual, it was sadly normal. There is a name for this phenomenon and its name is, Black Dog Syndrome (BDS).

To support the nonprofit we designed, wrote and published ART OF THE BLACK DOG a beautiful cocktail art book of original photography from art photographers around the world book, celebrating via stunning photos our beautiful Black Dogs.

Please purchase the ART OF THE BLACK DOG today on Amazon books. Purchases support Black Dog You can save a life.

dogs are morons