Donation For Dog

Donation For Dog Needed

America CAN,  formerly Green Pets America Charities is an animal welfare organization founded in 2004 in Atlanta, GA. to support our companion animals.

We are Gold star rated by Guidestar and recognized by our State for humanitarian service to families with pets.

green pets america

We have an immediate need from an elderly blind woman whose 14 year old dog has a severe infection. She relies solely on social security. Her dog is her world. Please help us cover the veterinary care.

Please make a donation today to Green Pets America’s, Emergency Medical Care Program. We provide much needed critical care to families with sick pets. We also provide free pet food, spay & neuter, pet wheelchairs and other needs.


donation for dog


By helping pets and families in need we keep pets and families together. Every pet we help is one less loving pet that gets turned into the animal shelter.

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