Imagine the day when we no longer kill shelter animals in America

Imagine the day when we no longer kill shelter animals in America. Learn how in this white paper. Learn the future of Animal Care and Pet Retail in America. The Future of animal care in America is the merger of pet retail with pet sheltering. Picture a Disney type experience for all things pets. Quaint shops, vets, retail stores, pet friendly hotel, pet friendly restaurants restaurants, animal adoption, outdoor and indoor pet agility, pet show events stadium, dog walking park,  and a state of the art green constructed, modern sheltering and adoption pavilion. Its name is Celebration Village

Green Pets Villages will include an adoption store, sanctuary, plus a myriad of retail pet boutique type shops: both high end and discount shops: professional veterinary facilities, pet hotel, grooming, boarding, other services, no-kill pet adoption, and indoor and outdoor pet events facilities.

Steven Monahan is a former fortune 100 executive who experienced a dramatic shift of awareness and purpose for his life after surviving a terminal illness. Steven is now a animal welfare leader, and the founder and executive director of Green Pets America Charities, founded in the greater Atlanta are in 2007. Steve is a writer and author of many books on animal welfare.

Steven has been recognized by his home city of Woodstock, Georgia and the State of Georgia Senate for humanitarian actions for animals and the people of Georgia.

Steven is involved in his community and is the licensee Organizer of TEDx Dupree Park, being held on May 15, 2020, in the greater Atlanta Georgia area.

If you are a pet industry leader interested in creating a new and better future for animal retail and animal adoption in America, please email Steven Monahan to meet and discuss the possibilities at