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How we started. Green Pets America Charities, started as a pet food pantry, in Woodstock Georgia in 2005, helping families in need feed and care for their pets. We delivered food to shut- ins, trailer parks, rural counties and those in both urban and rural areas without money or transportation to get quality nutritious pet food for their family pets.

We then added death row rescue to our services. We rescued and readopted over 1,000 death row dogs in the Cherokee, Cobb and surrounding north Georgia counties. We then helped families in need secure service dogs to help them better cope with their disabilities. We also pay for medical vet care for families without the funds to treat their ill or injured the family pet.

Then, with over 10 years’ experience in the animal welfare and pet industry, Green Pets America Charities achieved its vision and  became a National Animal Welfare Association. Our niche is creating outside the box, innovative ideas, technologies, and marketing programs.

Black Dog Syndrome and Rescue Renew Rehome are our two most current advocacy programs. Both of these education programs bring attention and solutions to the senseless euthanizations of 4 million shelter animals and over 700,000 black dogs in America’s animal shelters each year.

Rescue Renew Rehome. green pets americaIn addition to inspiring stories, Rescue Renew Rehome educates pet owner on how to get involved in helping save the 4 million companion animals killed yearly in America’s shelters.  The book also provides education and resources to help pet parents care for their family pets.

Additionally, via our 20-point program, we teach animal shelters how to create and help fund no kill shelters that compassionately care for their communities’ homeless animals: striving for full adoption.


Please help us educate America about our primary Cause Black Dog Syndrome  by making a donation today.

Thank you, Steve Monahan, Founder & Executive Director, Green Pets America Charities.


Green Pets America, creating “Celebration” the future of animal care & welfare in America

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