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green pets america

Green Pets America is a National Animal Welfare Organization founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 2007. We are not your usual animal welfare organization. Our primary programs are:

Green Pets America and its subsidiary organizations, Black Dog Syndrome and are by design, not your usual animal welfare programs and organizations. We passionately believe that America’s pets; or more appropriately, companion animals are a precious resource to be treasured and not discarded and destroyed by the all too prevalent disposable mindset of our modern global society.  We believe that our companion animals not only be provided compassionate care in our animal shelters but have a right to life as well. That is why we wrote the book on how to save our shelter animals, Rescue Renew Rehome.

Rescue Renew Rehome –Amazon Book Reviews

“Great book about adopting all of our companion animals from shelters, and the ways our pets enrich our lives. This plan will work! Loved this book! Very true!  I am giving copies to everyone I know! Everyone needs a copy in their home! I can’t speak highly enough of this book!  

“This book is great for those who want to help our animals. This book is great for those who want to help and get the word out about opening and supporting no-kill shelters. If we raise awareness, then we can start changing the world to make it a better place for us and our animals!!! 

“Inspiring book. There is an uplifting chapter by Leecy Madison about her work at the Pentagon after 9/11 with her DSR therapy dog, Shiva It’s about saving animals from shelters and the wonderful work pets do for us to enrich our lives.


Green Pets America Animal Welfare

green pets america animal welfareSteven Monahan is a best-selling author, animal welfare leader, and prior Fortune 500 executive. He is a prolific entrepreneur, the Founder and Chairman of Green Pets America Charities, Whole Foods 4 Pets Market, Black Dog and Black Dog

Steve presents pet nutrition at school education programs and adult seminars. He shares his insights, expertise, and passion on the human human-animal including, Whole Foods 4 Pets nutrition, pet food reviews, total pet wellness, animal welfare and animal rights.

Steve has been recognized by the State of Georgia for humanitarian work on behalf of Georgia’s families and companion animals.

green pets america