Green the future of pet retail in America.

Green the future of pet retail in America.

The Future of Pet Retail in America is before us. Green Pets America is developing America’s first pet retail & adoption village and no kill sanctuary.

It’s name is Green Pets America

Green Pets America will include a no kill adoption store, sanctuary, plus a myriad of retail pet boutique type shops: both high end and discount shops: professional veterinary facilities, pet hotel, grooming, boarding, other services, pet adoption and indoor and outdoor pet events facilities.

Green Pets America Charities is a non-profit organization founded in 2004. GPA has been recognized by the State of Georgia Senate, along with City of Woodstock for efforts on behalf of Georgia’s families and companion animals. 

Green Pets Executive Director and founder, Steve Monahan, is an animal welfare leader, and author of the best seller book, RESCUE RENEW REHOME .

If you are a pet industry corporation interested in partnering at a corporate level with Green Pets America in building this paradigm shift no kill and retail pet center please email Steven Monahan at:

Future of Pet Retail in America Green Pets America

Future of Pet Retail in America Green Pets America

Future Pet Retail 

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