Top 10 Dog Food Brands For 2017.

Based on our green Pets research, check out green pets top 10 dog food brands for 2017. This is our most recent listing of the top ten premium brand dog foods sold in America. These are based on dry or wet.

Acana Regionals Dog Food

Fromm Family Gold Dog Food

Holistic Select Dog Food

Horizon Legacy Dog Food

Merrick Grain Free Dog Food

Nature’s Variety Instinct Dog Food

Pinnacle Peak Protein Formula Dog Food

Taste of the Wild

Victor Grain Free Dog Food

Wellness Core Dog Food

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ACANA   We give Acana the MFP-5 Stars.  Acana contains excellent amounts of meat-based protein, fat-to-protein ratio of 75% or lower, a good ratio carbohydrate content, no controversial chemical preservatives, no strange meat ingredients, no artificial coloring agents, and no generic animal fats.Yes, it is pricey but the best is the best.

Here are recent reviews on Acana from Amazon purchasers.

on December 9, 2016
My Irish Jack loves the lamb and apple formula. He often licks his bowl repeatedly after he’s finished, then looks up at me to give him more.
on November 28, 2016
My dog loves this brands food. We mix it together with Costco brand dog food. Our dog will wait for us to pour in the Acana food before digging in. The food itself smells like healthy dog food–not like sour chemicals that you find in some dog food. The acana bits are filled with rich oils and you can definitely see the difference in quality.
on October 26, 2016
Love this dog food! Have been using this dog food for our 2 dogs for 4+ years and wouldn’t feed them anything else. Grain free and great for their health! It was delivered in a timely manner.
on September 19, 2016

My dog loves the Acana line. The lamb is her favorite!

Rachael Ray Nutrish. We give Nutrish MFP-3.5 STARS.

We like that the formulas contain meat, or meat products at the top of the ingredient list. Canines need a great deal of protein in their diets for optimum health. In addition it contains egg products and healthy vegetables to add additional protein, fiber and nutrients.

However, both the wet and dry versions contain some ingredients that offer little nutritional value for dogs. For example, brown rice is not necessarily bad for dogs, but it offers few vitamins, minerals or proteins. Overall, However considering cost and nourishment is between a Premium Brand and an Average Brand. So if you cannot afford the 5 STAR brands this is a good choice.