is higher cost dog food really worth it?

Is higher cost dog food really worth it?

At Meals Fur Pets we are asked on a regular basis, is higher cost dog food really worth it?

There is a huge variety of foods on the market, each promising something different. “Complete and Balanced Nutrition”; “Beautiful and Shiny Coat”; “Extra Support for Healthy Joints”. The guarantees are endless, but do these food companies deliver what they say they will? If you are buying the cheap brands from the grocery store, they definitely do not. Inside the bag or can are fillers, chemicals, and junk with no nutritional value. Is there an alternative for feeding your sweet Pittie?

Yes, and it’s sold in pet specialty stores. Premium pet food has ingredient lists which are full of things you can actually pronounce: beef, carrots, apples, flaxseed, etc. Many manufacturers of these foods use components safe for humans to eat. Some are even organically grown. Better ingredients mean more nutritionally solid pet food. More nutritious food means you don’t have to feed as much as the inferior food for your dog to be satisfied. This also means you will have less waste to pick up on your potty walks. That’s because your Pit will be using more of the food to fuel her body.

Better food isn’t just about a difference in purchase price. You will also notice results when visiting the vet. Since nutrition is the foundation of a healthy dog, your beautiful DOG will thrive while eating food that’s good for her. A healthy dog means less need to visit the vet for illness.

is higher cost dog food really worth it?

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