Mercy Animals

2016 is designated as the Year of Mercy for humans and animals.


This is the year to show your mercy to those in need of love and a helping hand.

There are people and animals in need of your mercy, caring, help and love right now.

Green Pets America through our program, the Companion Animals Right to Life Act – C.A.R.L.A. is dedicated to bringing mercy, love and LIFE to the homeless companion animals in our communities.

The pets that once were part of a home, but for one reason or another were unmercifully abandoned to roam the streets, heartbroken, confused and in search of a new family.

Our companion animals have no way to care for themselves. They have been domesticated and they no longer know how to live on their own.


Green Pets America has been a steady voice for mercy to our companion animals since 2005.

We are an IRS approved non-profit since 2005 and have the highest …Gold Star rating of GuideStar Charity ratings.

mercy animals




Open your heart – show mercy to our homeless and shelter companion animals with a generous donation today to support the Companion Animal Right to Life Act – C.A.R.L.A.

companion animals right to life act


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