no kill humane society


The No kill Humane Society mission is to destroy the present animal shelter killing machine. Over 3,500,000 healthy happy companion animals are killed yearly in America’s animal shelters. This is barbaric and inhumane. The mission of the No Kill Humane Society is to destroy this killing machine and replace it with a new no-kill humane paradigm where all companion animals will live in homes that love and protect them.

no kill humane society

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Steven Monahan

Animal welfare thought leader. My writings and books are a reflection of my beliefs on the interconnected genius of life. I was an introverted teen who broke open his shell and morphed into a successful corporate executive, then death survivor, then entrepreneur and now author and mentor. I believe we are each here for a wonderfully unique reason. Our quest is to follow where ever the path leads, in awe of the visions and the people we meet along the way.