the green pets america story

People and Pets

Our programs help people and pets


Purpose:  Provide emergency medical care for sick or injured pets whose families cannot pay

Focus:  Working in partnership with the Cherokee County Animal Shelter.

Activities: Fundraising via social media and community events.

Rescue Renew

Focus:  Animal Welfare /General Public Education

Purpose:  Reduce killing, abuse, and harm to companion animals

Activities:  We use the book to educate the general public and animal shelters on better solutions to reduce abandonment and increase adoptions.

We Are Rescue

Executive Director & Founder Kristen Butler

Purpose: Dog & Cat Rescue

Focus: Saving the lives of dogs and cats who fall through the cracks and are abandoned or dumped.

Activities: Rescue, vet, train, foster and adopt. Licensed rescue through the State of Georgia.

Black Dog

Purpose:  Reduce number of Black Dogs euthanized in animal shelters

Focus:  Education and Marketing to General Public / Children / School Education

Activities:  Black dogs are the most euthanized dogs in America. We educate on the issue and market programs to adopt Black Dogs from shelters on Fridays.