People and Pets

The Green Pets America Programs


Purpose:  Providing Emergency Medical Care for sick and injured pets whose families cannot pay for medical treatment.

Activities: Working with veterinary offices in local communities to provide pro bono medical care for families in need.

Fundraising via social media and local community events.

Rescue Renew Rehome

Focus:  Animal Welfare /General Public Education

Purpose:  Reduce killing, abuse, and harm to companion animals

Activities:  We use the Rescue Renew Rehome programs in our book to educate the general public, schools, civic groups, political leaders, local businesses and community animal shelters on the Green Pets America 20 point program to reduce animal abandonment by owners and increase adoptions from the animal shelter.

We Are Rescue

Executive Director & Founder Kristen Butler

Purpose: Dog & Cat Rescue

Focus: Saving the lives of dogs and cats who fall through the cracks and are abandoned or dumped.

Activities: Rescue, vet, train, foster and adopt. Licensed rescue through the State of Georgia.

Black Dog

Purpose:  Reduce the number of Black Dogs euthanized in animal shelters

Focus:  Education and Marketing to General Public / Children / School Education

Activities:  Black dogs are the most euthanized dogs in America. We educate on the issue and market programs to adopt Black Dogs from shelters on Fridays.