10 Smart Hacks Pet Owners Should Follow

Here are Green Pets 10 Smart Hacks Pet Owners Should Follow.

1. Protect Your Dog’s Paws with Vaseline
You know that dog’s paws are vulnerable to cracking especially in the cold weather, right? Help keep his paws feeling soft by using Vaseline. You can use dog socks to prevent him from spoiling your carpet.

2. The no-chew Trick
So, if you’re looking to protect your phone charger or your slippers from becoming a chew toy for your dog or cat, just rub a little bitter apple spray on it to deter your dog from chewing on it, and as for your cat, you can use a citrus-scented cleaner!

3.Pet Hair Removal
Well! We love pets because they are furballs, but at the same time, complain about their hair lying all over the place. No more complaints, just dampen your rubber gloves and run them over any surface that is covered with hair. The gloves will remove the hair like a charm.

4.Slow Down His Eating
If your pup is used to gulping down his food, here’s a trick to slow him down. Place a ball in his eating bowl. He’ll have to roll it every time he wants to eat, so this will prevent him from gulping down his food.

5.Toy Ice Cake
Freeze a pot filled with water and your dog’s favorite toys or treats, and they’ll stay entertained and cool throughout the day!

6. Pet Food Container
Want to get rid of that huge bag of dry kibbles and bits? Start storing pet food in cereal containers, they will occupy less space and help you just pour the food directly into your pet’s food bowl.

7.Use Chalk to Keep Ants out of Your Pet’s Feeding Bowl
Ants won’t cross a chalk line because it interferes with their ability to follow scent trails left by other ants.

8. Clean Up Cat Pee with Soda Bicarbonate
If your cat’s peed on your bed or floor, soak up as much of it as you can and leave it to dry. Then to get rid of the odor, sprinkle bicarbonate of soda onto the area and leave for 15 minutes. Then just vacuum the soda away!

9. Keep Your Cat’s Water Dish Away from Their Food
Cats supposedly think that water near food is contaminated, so moving their water dish away from their food will encourage them to drink it.

10. Always take 2 poop bags when you walk your dog.

10 Smart Hacks Pet Owners Should Follow from Steven Monahan, Founder-Executive Director of Green Pets America Charities. Steven shares his insights, expertise and opinions on the human animal bond; including, nutrition, pet food, total wellness, animal welfare and animal rights. As well as news, trends and developments in the global pet industry.

10 Smart Hacks Pet Owners Should Follow