The 5 Lessons Death Row Dogs Taught Me About Living

5 Lessons Death Row Dogs Taught Me About Living

It’s important for me as a writer to do my art in a way that uplifts people, and celebrates nature and animals.

Our country came to a monumental fork in the road in the 80’s: The road to riches on one side, and the road to reverence on the other.

The majority of the world chose the road to riches.

A small minority chose, The Road to Reverence. Reverence for life; nature, and animals.

That choice has dramatically changed our world in the past 30 years; some say for the better, some say for the worst. One thing for certain is that choice has led us to a tragic loss of compassion and caring for one another…for nature… and for our animals.

10 years ago I was told I had a few months to live. A higher nature intervened however… and I was given a second chance.

With that new chance, I had a choice. I had a rare chance to go back and confront that fork in the road again. To choose the fork in the road to riches, or the fork that led to compassion, nature, and animals.

This time I chose the road less traveled. I chose the fork to Compassion, Nature and Animals. I chose the Road to Tirawa.

I have never been more at peace, and more in awe of the disconnectedness of life, nature and animals.

There is an ancient Pawnee Indian belief. It says;

“In the beginning of all things, wisdom and knowledge were with the animals, for Tirawa, [the One Above], did not speak directly to man. He sent certain animals to tell men that he showed himself through the animals, and from the animals, and from the stars, the sun and the moon, man should learn how to live.”

My teachers are now the animals of Tirawa, particularly dogs. I started a no kill rescue to give them a new lease on life: just as I was given. I chose the fork that would allow me to spend my remaining years in the natural and spiritual world of animal; not the secular world of material riches

5 Lessons on living a higher life that I learned from shelter dogs these past 10 years?

  1. Shelter dogs have taught me what selfless and unconditional love looks like.
  2. Shelter dogs have taught me how to live in the moment, no longer fretting about the past, or worrying about the future.
  3. Abused shelter dogs taught me how to love all: even those who hurt us.
  4. Abandoned and discarded shelter dogs have taught me to forgive all, even those who reject and wrong us
  5. And most of all shelter dogs have taught me how to live in joy and in peace, every moment of every day.

And that is why we are all really here: To do as our teachers, our dogs do: have fun, and share joyfully and fully, with forgiveness and hope each day in this miraculous and divine moment of time together.

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