ART OF THE BLACK DOG AMAZON REVIEWS. We are so excited about the new animal welfare book, ART OF THE BLACK DOD and want to share these 5 Star Amazon book review’s with you.

5 STARS – A poetic collection of exceptional photography, endearing poetry. “Art of the Black Dog” as the title suggests, is a loving tribute to Black Dogs. A poetic collection of exceptional photography, endearing poetry, as presented by Atlanta-centric author Steven Monahan, a well-known animal advocate and non-profit founder of Green Pets America Charities. Art of the Black Dog is rich with emotion including photos of playful little faces of unconditional love to heart-grabbing prose describing the human-animal connection. Mr. Monahan has successfully depicted BDS (Black Dog Syndrome) in a way that is not critical, judgmental, or negative. Quite the opposite in fact. This book is a lovely gift for anyone who loves all dogs, is perhaps involved in animal welfare, or works in animal care in any capacity. It is also a beautiful complement to any coffee table, including mine.

5 STARS – Breathtaking Photos.  As an animal lover and lifelong advocate for dogs this is now in my collection of coffee table books. Why? Because what better way to bring awareness and knowledge than breathtaking photos and short quotes about man’s best friend. I stumbled across this book via a friend on Facebook and I couldn’t be happier! Grateful for this wonderful addition to my collection.

5 STARS – Want to be the difference? Art of the Black Dog is beautifully produced, well written and tells a much needed-to-be- heard story about the dire fate of far too many black dogs and cats, referred to as Black Dog Syndrome. This is not a Sarah McLachlan sob commercial, but a genuine and uplifting look at real life here in America. Buy the book, read it, and you decide. You can make a difference.




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Customer Reviews

This plan will work! Loved this book! Very true!  I am giving copies to everyone I know! Everyone needs a copy in their home! I can’t speak high enough of this book!  VSI -February 2015

This book is great for those who want to help save Shelter Animals.This book is great for those who want to help and get the word out about opening and supporting no-kill shelters. If we raise awareness then we can start changing the world to make it a better place for us and our animals!!!  D.G. Smith on January  2015

This is a wonderful book about rescuing animals from shelters. There is a long chapter by Leecy Madison about her work at the Pentagon after 9/11 with her DSR therapy dog, Shiva It’s about saving animals from shelters and the wonderful work pets do for us to enrich our lives. Sandra G. – January  2015

On Sale Now – all proceeds go to animal welfare education.

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10-16 - 2014 Revised Book Cover from DD