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This plan will work! Loved this book! Very true!  I am giving copies to everyone I know! Everyone needs a copy in their home! I can’t speak high enough of this book!

This book is great for those who want to help and get the … This book is great for those who want to help and get the word out about opening and supporting no-kill shelters. If we raise awareness, then we can start changing the world to make it a better place for us and our animals!!! 

This is a wonderful book about rescuing animals from shelters. There is a long chapter by Leecy Madison about her work at the Pentagon after 9/11 with her DSR therapy dog, Shiva It’s about saving animals from shelters and the wonderful work pets do for us to enrich our lives.


Rescue Renew Rehome Book is a game changing, break through, must read dog book. You will be buying copies for your animal loving friends, family and for your local Animal Shelter and Rescue Groups as well.

Read Rescue Renew Rehome and you will be inspired with the possibilities to save our homeless pets.

Discover the 20 Community Marketing Programs to help adopt more animal shelters animals. Additionally learn how to rebrand animal shelter’s to”Green Shelters” and “Green Villages” across America.

Also, you will read the story of Shiva the 911 Dog that consoled survivors at the Pentagon, and the stories of Ruby and Sweet Pea who were rescued renewed and rehomed and how all homeless can be rehomed as well.

Learn about “Cause Marketing” … think Breast Cancer Runs and Ice Bucket Challenge, Black Dog Friday and others.

Learn how to use Cause Marketing to raise money for your community shelter, or local rescue group.

And finally, learn about America’s $58-Billion-dollar Pet Industry and how the pet industry will help America rehome its homeless animals.

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