Destroying America’s Animal Shelter System

destroying America's animal shelter system

Destroying America’s Animal Shelter System is the mission of Green Pets America Charities. Over 3 million companion animals are killed yearly in America’s animal shelters. This is barbaric and inhumane. The mission of Green Pets America Charities is to destroy America’s system of killing and replace it with a new paradigm where healthy happy companion animals are never killed, but live in homes that love and protect them.

destroying America's animal shelter system

Black Dog Syndrome

black dog syndrome

Black Dog Syndrome

As Executive Director and founder of a dog rescue nonprofit, Green Pets America Charities I have spent the last 12 years involved with rescuing dogs from shelters. Everything from walking in and pulling them out of kill shelters, to taking them to vets, to bringing them to our rescue group, to placing them in foster care and working diligently to adopt them. I’ve spent many a weekend at Pet Smart with two dozen dogs trying to get them adopted.

Through all this, one thing became apparent to me. Black Dogs were the least adopted of all the dogs we rescued. They were the least adopted in the shelters we went into as well. We therefore had a higher than usual selection of black dogs, versus light colored or mixed color dogs to rescue from our area animal shelters.

What we also found was black dogs languished not only much longer in shelters, but rescue groups as well. Where we could adopt other colors out on average in three months, some black dogs took up to a year…. Some, even more.

So I did some research and found that our experience was not unusual, it was sadly normal. There is a phenomena and its named, Black Dog Syndrome (BDS). Black Dog Syndrome is known by shelters and rescue groups throughout America. Numerous respected national organizations have long recognized BDS as an issue that adversely affects the adoption rates of black pets.

So, what exactly is this syndrome? Black Dog Syndrome is a conscious and unconscious mental, emotional bias in people against black dogs, and black cats as well.

Because of this bias, black shelter dogs are the most overlooked, least adopted and one of the most euthanized dogs in our animal shelters.

So, what’s the story? Why are black dogs feared? Why is there this bias? Well, there are many reasons for what is known as “Black Dog Syndrome”, including superstitious fear of black dogs, “old wives’ tales” about black dogs, Black dogs depicted in movies and literature as evil or devilish. A scary, growling black dog can be seen in The Hound of the Baskervilles, the Harry Potter series and The Omen.

In a survey, Pet finder the respected national organization where we post our dogs available for adoption, animal shelter and rescue groups reported that most pets are listed for about 3 months, whereas, black dogs and senior or special needs dogs average 12 months on the Pet finder adoption site.

The only real fact, not ignorance, superstition or media and folklore bias is that black dogs do not photograph well on animal shelters and rescue groups websites, listing pictures of dogs for adoption. This is easily overcome however by simply photographing black dogs in front of blue screens or blue paper, as we have done at our rescue organization Green Pets America.

Now that I spend my time, not in hands on rescue, but providing education and awareness in animal welfare, I decided to bring Black Dog Syndrome, BDS to the forefront. To that end we created a Cause to get people educated, aware of BDS and get Black Dogs adopted into loving homes. The color of a dog has nothing to do with the dogs’ temperament or personality. Ask any owner of a black dog. Ask me, we have two. Our black dogs are as loving, playful, smart and a joy to be with each day as our other two, non-black dogs.

So what can you do?

You can adopt a black shelter or rescue dog.

You can talk about this sad bias and encourage friends or family to adopt a black dog.

Educate adults,  even school age kids about BDS! It’s generally an unconscious prejudice and most people will move past it once they’re aware.

Subscribe to the FREE, Black Dog Friday Daily Dog News.

Make a donation of whatever you can afford to, to help a rescue group rescue, vet, feed, put into foster care, train, then adopt a black dog into a loving home.

Visit the Black Dog Friday store at Make a purchase to show the world you love black dogs

Remind people it’s not the color of the dog, but the size of her heart that is important.

Steven Monahan, Founder –

black dog syndrome




Black Dog Friday

Black Dog Friday

black dog friday

BLACK DOG FRIDAY – Rescue – Adoption – Awareness –  for Black Shelter Dogs, America’s most overlooked, least adopted and one of the most euthanized dogs.


There are many reasons for what is known as “Black Dog Syndrome”, including superstitious fear of black dogs, old wives’ tales about black dogs and even the fact they do not photograph well on animal shelters and rescue groups websites of dogs for adoption

With Rescue – Adoption – Awareness we get black shelter dogs rescued, vetted, fed, placed into foster care and finally adopted into loving homes.

We were founded in Atlanta, GA in 2004.  We are an IRS certified 501c3 Non-Profit Organization. Nationally Accredited and Gold Star rated by Great Non-Profits and Guide Star the National Non -Profit Rating Agency.

Our founder, Steve Monahan was recognized by the State Senate of Georgia for Humanitarian Service to Georgia’s people and pets and his home City of Woodstock, Ga for creating its first pet food pantry for families in need.

 Help save black shelter dogs in 4 simple ways

1.     Visit your shelter, or rescue group and adopt a black dog this Friday.

2.     Subscribe to the FREE, Black Dog Friday Daily Dog News 

3.     Make a donation of whatever you can afford to Black Dog Friday so we can rescue, vet, feed, put into foster care, train and then adopt each dog into a new loving home. DONATE

4.     Visit our BLACK DOG FRIDAY ONLINE STORE and make a purchase to show you support our program.

At the Black Dog Friday Shop, we have custom logo designed merchandise with our BLACK DOG FRIDAY logo on t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, and more. Help spread the word to adopt black dogs every Friday from America’s animal shelters.

black dog fridaySupport  Black Dog Friday and our mission of Rescue – Adoption – Awareness for Black Shelter Dogs, America’s least adopted most euthanized dogs.



 black dog friday



Thank you for your support 

Steven Monahan, Executive Director & Founder, Green Pets America Charities and Black Dog Friday Rescue

The Greatness of a Nation – How Will We Be judged?

Ghandi Quote Picture Dog

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”― Gandhi

The greatness of America will one day be judged on how it treated its companion animals.  How Will We Be Judged?

We kill sick animals in shelters every day, when a few antibiotics would save their lives.  How Will We Be Judged?

We spend millions of dollars euthanizing animals, but few dollars on spay & neuter to save lives. How Will We Be Judged?

We kill animals to empty shelter cages, when we could adopt them. How Will We Be Judged?

We kill companion animals because we do not like their breed. How Will We Be Judged?

We build elaborate million dollar Government buildings, and cheap animal shelters.  How Will We Be Judged?

We show our children killing their pets is moral and allowed in society. How Will We Be Judged?

We discard our companion animals after years of them loving us, because we tire of caring for them. How Will We Be Judged?

We spend money to feed our bad habits, yet let our companion animals starve. How Will We Be Judged?

We adopt a companion animal, and then let them sit in a hot car and die. How Will We Be Judged?

We get a companion animal and then tie him to a tree his whole life. How Will We Be Judged?

We look the other way when people abuse their pet because we don’t want to offend them. How Will We Be Judged?

We spend money on pampering ourselves but do not donate a penny to save lives. How Will We Be Judged?

We spend millions for political bridges to nowhere, but no money for saving a homeless animal in our own town. How Will We Be Judged?

We send taxpayer money overseas to Nations that slaughter companion animals and eat them, and spend no Washington money to save, spay & neuter or even feed homeless American companion animals. How Will We Be Judged?

We kill 4 million companion animals every year when we could save them. How Will We Be Judged?

Steve Monahan, Executive Director
National No Kill Humane Society
“a Voice for Life”

How To Privatize America’s Animal Shelters – Save Lives

Be Inspired! Read Rescue Renew Rehome and be inspired with the possibilities to rescue and adopt America’s homeless pets.

Learn 20 ways to save more our animals now: and learn how to set up private animal adoption shelters and community pet Villages across America to save all 4 million every year going forward.

 You will read the story of Shiva the 911 Dog that consoled survivors at the Pentagon, and the stories of Ruby and Sweet Pea who were Rescued Renewed and Rehomed.

 This book will also show you how working together we can adopt 4 million homeless pets yearly.

  You will learn about the new Green Shelters and Green Villages, where pet owners come together as a community to care for, adopt and celebrate our pets. 

 You will learn about “Cause Marketing”… think Breast Cancer Runs and Ice Bucket Challenge and how Animal Shelters and Rescue Groups can learn to use it to raise the money they need to adopt all dogs and cats. 

 You will learn about America’s $58 Billion dollar Pet Industry and how it will help end the euthanization of healthy and happy shelter animals. 

This is a game changing, break through book you must read. You will be buying copies for your animal loving friends, family and for your local Animal Shelter and Rescue Groups.

10-16 - 2014 Revised Book Cover from DD

20 Ways to Save Our Homeless Pets

Learn 20 ways to help our animal shelters adopt all their healthy animals  

Purchase Amazon Books.


Customer Reviews

This plan will work! Loved this book! Very true!  I am giving copies to everyone I know! Everyone needs a copy in their home! I can’t speak high enough of this book!  VSI -February 2015

This book is great for those who want to help save Shelter Animals.This book is great for those who want to help and get the word out about opening and supporting no-kill shelters. If we raise awareness then we can start changing the world to make it a better place for us and our animals!!!  D.G. Smith on January  2015

This is a wonderful book about rescuing animals from shelters. There is a long chapter by Leecy Madison about her work at the Pentagon after 9/11 with her DSR therapy dog, Shiva It’s about saving animals from shelters and the wonderful work pets do for us to enrich our lives. Sandra G. – January  2015

On Sale Now – all proceeds go to animal welfare education.

10-16 - 2014 Revised Book Cover from DD