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We believe that the hope of a better future for our animals and indeed our whole world lies in the hearts and minds of today’s children.

Through our Green Pets America – Communities program we take our rescued dogs into our local middle school, high school and college classrooms and talk about animal care, homeless animals and how they can help make life better for animals in their community. It is much more that however. We want to have them learn how to work cooperatively, to learn empathy for animals and one another, and learn to be leaders. They love seeing and petting our rescue dogs and love to tell us about their own pet.


Our Vision

We live today in a new world. A exponentially accelerating changing world. Since the 1800’s that rate of change has accelerated every decade and has now reached exponential rapid change.The old social paradigm was “repetition reinforces repetition” – Think assembly line production, manufacturing and even education of our children.The paradigm shifted dramatically in the late 1980’s s and the world is now suffering through this dramatic change. The new paradigm is the polar opposite of the old repetition, repetition. It is no longer building a better mousetrap, but having us and the mouse learn to live together…now change begets new change…rapidly accelerating change.  In just 10 years from now people who cannot adjust and contribute to a constantly changing world and society will be marginalized and stuck in dead-end jobs.We are experiencing that already.  We must immediately change the Pedagogy of how we educate our children, and the social skills they will need to thrive in this exponentially changing world. We believe we can help our children learn new skills and social interaction skills by tying it into fun animal education as well as social skills education.

Despite the rapid change issues we must deal with in the short-term, the long-term outlook is positive. The future will be a world in which every single person learns how to become a contributor and collaborator and learn the skills; social and functional, to drive change in an exponentially changing world where solutions and opportunities must outpace problems.

Kids 4 Pets at Cherokee Charter School
Green Pets at Cherokee Charter School

Our Mission

Teach and develop children through animals.

  • Compassion for animals
  • Responsible pet ownership
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • dogbook

At Green Pets America Charities “Green Pets School Program” we believe we must reach our future leaders while they are learning about life and  while their minds and hearts are still hungry and open for knowledge. We believe we can reach them in a fun way via interacting with and learning from animals.  Our Children are our  hope for a better tomorrow. We are a  proud “Partner in Education” participant with the Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce.

But don’t take my word for it, take a look at the results from the 2002 study, “Behavioral effects of the presence of a dog in a classroom.”

  1. Children were less engaged in loud, conspicuous, or troublesome behavior.
  1. They paid more attention to their teacher, cooperated better, and communicated more intensely with one another.
  1. Improvements in social behavior were more pronounced in boys than in girls, perhaps because girls showed less boisterous, “rough-and-tumble” activity to begin with.
  1. The teacher’s authority increased, particularly with respect to certain male students, in the presence of her compliant, obedient dog.
  1. The teacher continued to bring her dogs to school the following year. She reported that the effects observed in the study were lasting and long-term.

Join with us and  donate today so we can create a safer and better world for our children and animals to thrive  in tomorrow ?


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Paw it Forward

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If you have been blessed this year then please help those who have not been so fortunate.

Please “Paw it Forward” so we can continue our work saving the innocents – homeless and abandoned animals.

Our Going Green Program  Rescued – Recycled – and Reloved hundreds of Georgia’s abandoned animals in 2013.

We pay tens of thousands of dollars to do this: all self funded or with donations from caring people like you. We do not get grants or government money. You may have one or two dogs to care for; imagine having over a hundred to rescue, vet, give shots, spay & neuter… and repair broken bones and sooth broken hearts.

Green Pets America Charities Foundation via the Cherokee County Animal League, and GPA Going Green Rescue have been supporting  animals via our food pantry kids education program, community programs and animal rescue since 2007. We have been recognized by the State of Georgia Senate and the City of Woodstock in this regard.

Our volunteers and Board work daily, without pay, to reduce suffering and create meaningful social change for animals in every way possible – from providing direct care and response in the field when animals are in crisis, to working with our leaders and lawmakers to adopt policies preventing animals from ending up in distress in the first place.

We rely on heroes like you to help us stop animal cruelty and create a more humane society for animals. We will continue to celebrate animals and fight against cruelty and abuse, but we cannot do it without you.

Be a hero for animals today and make a tax-deductible donation today.


On behalf of the animals we work for every day, thank you,

 Steve Monahan, Executive Director

Green Pets America Charities Foundation

Green Pets – Going Green Rescue

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