Why They Can Legally Kill Your Dog

Why they can legally kill your dog.

“Legally in America, a stuffed animal counts more than your dog, Buddy”

why they can legally kill your dog


Are Companion Animals – Person or Property?

American law recognizes two basic categories, namely “person” and “property”.

“Legally” therefore, persons have legal rights, and animals are considered, property and don’t have any legal rights.

Presently “companion animal laws” [dogs and cats] in America are only about protection and welfare, of property you own, not about intrinsic individual rights.

In America you can viciously kill your neighbors companion animal, and since companion animals are classified by us humans as property, it is legal.

“Legally in America, a stuffed animal counts more than your dog, Buddy”

How can that be? If you have a collector edition stuffed animal valued at $350.00 and your neighbor steals it, you can sue your neighbor in court and can get the court to award you the value of $350.00.

If, however your neighbor shoots your family dog, Buddy, you can do nothing legally, and receive no compensation for Buddy. Legally courts and the law value companion animals, as no value, just property.

*JEREMY AND KATHRYN MEDLEN have two children, but with eight-year-old Avery around, it often felt like three. A beloved mixed-breed mutt with flopped-forward Labrador ears, Avery was a member of the family, welcome on the couch, included on vacations, a fixture in family photos. But in June 2009, the dog spooked at a thunderclap and fled the Medlens’ Fort Worth, Texas, backyard. He ended up at a nearby shelter, where his overjoyed owners found him the following day. They lacked the cash to pay the required fees, however, so a “hold for owner” tag was placed on Avery’s cage until their return. But when Jeremy Medlen arrived with the cash and his two children in tow, their pet had disappeared. Somehow, there’d been a mix-up, the Medlens were told. Avery had been accidentally, “put to sleep”.

The Medlens learned that according to American law, animals are only property, “but they are not like other types of property. Although an heirloom is ‘sentimental,…an owner’s attachment to a beloved pet is more: It is emotional…based…on the rich companionship it provides, ‘the court found, and ‘cannot be shoehorned into keepsake-like sentimentality for litigation purposes.’ The Medlens were stunned. If this were true, they argued, one could seek sentimental damages for the destruction of a ‘taxidermied’ pet deemed an heirloom, but not for a euthanized animal.”

*Essay by Cara Feinberg  published in the Harvard Magazine titled “Are Animals ‘Things” ?

My question is this: Do these two scenarios seem right? Are we in still in medieval times, or are we in the 21st century, where life has value over property. If you agree that companion animals have a right to life, as do humans, and should not be treated as disposable property in these enlightened times, then please help us make it against American law to kill homeless, shelter companion animals in America. Please join and support the Companion Animals Right to Life Act – C.A.R.L.A. at www.CARLA.website.


Steve Monahan,

Founder, Executive Director