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Clean Pet Food Adviser. The trust factor.The demand for honesty and transparency in the  foods we purchase for ourselves… and for our pets has given rise to confusion, frustration and distrust of large food companies”, said Steve Monahan Founder and Executive Director of the Clean Pet Food Adviser and Green Pets America Charities, Atlanta, Georgia.

Today there is an explosion of interest in fresh foods, whole foods, organic foods and with it simple clean food labels. There is a dramatically increased awareness and focus by consumers on the effects of food on their physical, mental and emotional health. And with that there are mounting demands for transparency from food companies about where and how their products are sourced. What nutritional ingredients and chemicals are in them and how these ingredients are manufactured.Clean Pet Food Adviser

Consumers today have instant resources at their fingertips that make it easy for them to learn about the food they eat. As they learn more about what we and our pets eat, the ingredients used, and how those ingredients are processed, that information is quickly informing the products we purchase.

The next phase of food purchasing is the clean label phenomenon. As example The Beech-Nut Nutrition Co., which said in May it had started listing the percentage of each ingredient for its entire line of jar and pouch baby food products on its web site.

Increasing numbers of consumers are seeking more transparency from the food and beverage industry and shunning artificial ingredients, according to Packaged Facts, Rockville, Md. Over eighty-seven per cent of Americans look at the Nutrition Facts label on packaged foods and beverages at least sometimes, while more than half (56%) actively seek out nutritional information and guidelines, the market research firm said.

“Americans want clean pet food and clean pet food labels” Clean Pet Food Adviser

“In addition to the food consumers eat, they also demand as pet parents the best, cleanest wholesome food available for their pets to eat as well. Pet parents want to know exactly what’s in the food their pets are eating as well” said Steve Monahan Founder of Green Pets America Charities.

Steve further stated that, ” every day the pet parents Green Pets serve tell them that they want to learn more about the quality and wholesomeness of the pet food they purchase for their pets to eat. Therefore to help pet owners make informed purchasing decisions Clean Pet food Adviser was created by Green Pets Charities. Clean Pet Food Adviser will help pet parents make informed choices in order to feed their pets healthy, nutritional food”.

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Pet parents want clean food and honesty in the labels they read, the ads they see and the ingredients used in the manufacturing of the food products they feed their pet. They want labels and advertising in clean simple language. They also demand to know how pet food ingredients are processed and made safe and clean for their beloved pet.

Steve told us that Green Pets has been rating and reviewing pet food for quite awhile. He said “Green Pets  started as a pet food pantry so we have always had a keen interest in making sure pets eat nutritious food. Lately however it had become apparent that the vast majority of the name brand pet foods we reviewed were lacking wholesome fresh ingredients. The heating and manufacturing processing involved in making food into Kibble is a process, that by itself lessens the quality and nourishment in pet food. We felt that while we were recommending the best available, even the best was lacking. The entire pet food industry needs to change. So we have stopped rating all pet food manufacturers. We have created a separate nonprofit arm called Clean Pet Food Adviser to help change the pet food industry. We are focusing our efforts on clean labeling, and clean food just as is being done to change the human food industry”.

There is some good news however in all this. There are some pioneering regional and national pet food manufacturers that are making more wholesome pet food and using clean labeling as well. Clean Pet Food Adviser we will be focusing on those companies and sharing their views and research on those clean manufactures of pet food.

Clean Pet Food Adviser is a nonprofit, focused on changing the quality of pet food in America. The Clean Pet Food Adviser is focused on bringing transparency in pet food labeling and quality whole food pet food products to meet the demands of a pet wellness public.

To help change the pet food industry and to help your pet eat clean and healthy

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