Companion Animals Are Not Things

Legally our companion animals are classified as mere “things”. Learn what they really are.



I Am Not A Thing

I Am A Sentient Being – I Feel Emotions

I Am A  Cognizant Being – I Can Think

You Are A Homosapien Animal

I Am A Companion Animal

You Have A Right To Life

I deserve A Right To Life

Companion animals are not things: they possess sentient feelings and cognizant thinking just as we do.

Support the Companion Animal Right to Life as we argue for legal “personhood” for Companion animals, versus the present legal status of Companion animals as unintelligent, non feeling, non alive “things”.  

Changing the law is the only way to end the legal killing of Companion animals in our animal shelters. While Animal Welfare is good… Animal Rights are even better.

companion animal are not things

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Companion Animal Right to Life 

Help us educate, fight and change the law for the legal status of “Personhood” for Companion Animals.

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