Green Pets America Charities

Green Pets America Charities.

The vision of Green Pets America Charities is to legally secure personhood for all companion animals in America extending to them a right to life.

To that goal Green Pets America has created “CARLA – Companion Animals Right Life Act”. We lobby State by State and Nationally to enact laws that give all companion animals the legal classification of “Personhood”, which will give them protection from harm, cruelty and euthanization without due process of law.

As the Executive Director of Green Pets America Charities we are asked regularly, Do Our Companion Animals Have A Right To Life? Sadly, the answer is. No.

In America our companion animals do not have a right to life.

This must change! And we are working hard and working smart to make it happen.

At green Pets America we believe that our companion animals have a right to life, just as we humans. We must no longer in America categorize companion animals as “Things”. Being classified today legally as “Things” they are worth no value. They can be harmed or killed and it is legal in the eyes of the court.

We believe that our companion animals must be legally granted the classification of “Personhood”. With personhood legal status they can no longer be killed at whim in shelters or by hateful people who have no value for the lives and joy our companion animals bring to us and this world.

Every year 7 million companion animals enter our animals shelters. About 4 million are adopted. And the remaining 3 million? They are euthanized. Why because they have no legal rights. There are no laws to stop euthanizing healthy shelter companion animals. The “Law” says they are merely “things” that can disposed of by the shelters at will. When we pass the Companion Animal Right to Life Act, CARLA setting in place the “Personhood Law” and classify them from things to personhood, then and only then will we stop killing America’s companion animals.

Please Join with green Pets America as we educate, fight and lobby for a right to life for our companion animals.

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Our Top 10 Accomplishments 

  1. Gold Star rated by GuideStar, and top rated by Great Nonprofits, the two top national non-profit rating associations.
  2. Rescued and adopted thousands of homeless and shelter dogs and cats.
  3. Awarded Humanitarian award from State Senate of Georgia.
  4. Awarded Community Citizen Award from our home base city of Woodstock.
  5. Forged good strong local and national business relationships.
  6. Hold monthly Board and community volunteer, advisory group and board meetings.
  7. Created CARLA – Companion Animals Right Life Act.
  8. We published our best selling and groundbreaking animal welfare book “Rescue Renew Rehome” It is available online on Amazon Books and Barnes & Noble, Books a Million and locally at book shops across America. This is a practical guide to show how to develop no-kill full adoption green animal shelters across America to greatly improve the success rate of adoptions in a community.
  9. Publish a weekly magazine.
  10. Provide emergency food and medical care programs.

Hello, My name is Steve Monahan and I am the founder and Executive Director of Green Pets America Charities. If you believe as I do that Americans are a kind people who love their companion animals. And you no longer accept the killing of millions of shelter animals every year. And that America CAN with intelligent, selfless and compassionate animal welfare leadership finally end the killing of its shelter and homeless animals, then join with Green Pets America. Donate to CARLA today.

Why They Can Legally Kill Your Dog

Why they can legally kill your dog.

“Legally in America, a stuffed animal counts more than your dog, Buddy”

why they can legally kill your dog


Are Companion Animals – Person or Property?

American law recognizes two basic categories, namely “person” and “property”.

“Legally” therefore, persons have legal rights, and animals are considered, property and don’t have any legal rights.

Presently “companion animal laws” [dogs and cats] in America are only about protection and welfare, of property you own, not about intrinsic individual rights.

In America you can viciously kill your neighbors companion animal, and since companion animals are classified by us humans as property, it is legal.

“Legally in America, a stuffed animal counts more than your dog, Buddy”

How can that be? If you have a collector edition stuffed animal valued at $350.00 and your neighbor steals it, you can sue your neighbor in court and can get the court to award you the value of $350.00.

If, however your neighbor shoots your family dog, Buddy, you can do nothing legally, and receive no compensation for Buddy. Legally courts and the law value companion animals, as no value, just property.

*JEREMY AND KATHRYN MEDLEN have two children, but with eight-year-old Avery around, it often felt like three. A beloved mixed-breed mutt with flopped-forward Labrador ears, Avery was a member of the family, welcome on the couch, included on vacations, a fixture in family photos. But in June 2009, the dog spooked at a thunderclap and fled the Medlens’ Fort Worth, Texas, backyard. He ended up at a nearby shelter, where his overjoyed owners found him the following day. They lacked the cash to pay the required fees, however, so a “hold for owner” tag was placed on Avery’s cage until their return. But when Jeremy Medlen arrived with the cash and his two children in tow, their pet had disappeared. Somehow, there’d been a mix-up, the Medlens were told. Avery had been accidentally, “put to sleep”.

The Medlens learned that according to American law, animals are only property, “but they are not like other types of property. Although an heirloom is ‘sentimental,…an owner’s attachment to a beloved pet is more: It is emotional…based…on the rich companionship it provides, ‘the court found, and ‘cannot be shoehorned into keepsake-like sentimentality for litigation purposes.’ The Medlens were stunned. If this were true, they argued, one could seek sentimental damages for the destruction of a ‘taxidermied’ pet deemed an heirloom, but not for a euthanized animal.”

*Essay by Cara Feinberg  published in the Harvard Magazine titled “Are Animals ‘Things” ?

My question is this: Do these two scenarios seem right? Are we in still in medieval times, or are we in the 21st century, where life has value over property. If you agree that companion animals have a right to life, as do humans, and should not be treated as disposable property in these enlightened times, then please help us make it against American law to kill homeless, shelter companion animals in America. Please join and support the Companion Animals Right to Life Act – C.A.R.L.A. at


Steve Monahan,

Founder, Executive Director





Companion Animal Right to Life Act


 “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Gandhi


Congressional Leaders. Please answer this question that over 100 million companion animal owners – and voters – in America are asking.


Companion animals are like family members to most Americans, They sleep in our beds, they protect us, they unconditionally love us, Our police, government and military K 9 companion animals keep our cities, counties and Nation secure, and have given their lives to protect us. Our therapy dogs help the disabled, the young, the elderly, the blind and those in hospitals and nursing homes. They are right there with our first responders in time of need in disasters. They hunt with us, play with us and even teach us and our children compassion and love. How can we turn a deaf ear, a blind eye and a cold heart to them when they are in need. When they are thrown out of their homes, how can we not show them compassion? When they then need us, when they become homeless, How can we kill them?

America was founded on the highest human values. America was and still remains a moral nation. In this country of reverence and respect for life, creativity, justice and a can do spirit is killing 4 million healthy homeless shelter companion animals every year the only answer to our homeless animal challenge?

I’ve been the founder and executive Director of an animal welfare organization in Atlanta Georgia since 2005. We have provided spay & neuter, food pantries, and death row animal rescue and foster homes and adoptions. We have worked cooperatively with other rescue organizations across America. We have worked with local animal shelter directors, city and county leaders. We have been recognized by the Georgia Senate and City of Woodstock for our efforts on behalf of Georgia’s families and companion animals. We have written a best seller book, RESCUE RENEW REHOME. We publish a daily companion animal magazine, write weekly blogs and are active on social media and speak on animal welfare reform. Despite these 11 years of concentrated effort on our part and that of our loyal thousands of supporters and fellow companion animal lovers we must acknowledge that only a small dent has been made by us and every local and national welfare groups, including HSUS, ASPCA, Best Friends, and PETA  to end the killing of 4 million companion animals every year in America.

The ASPCA, American Society for Prevention Cruelty to Animals, was founded in 1866 by Henry Bergh in New York City, to end the cruelty to animals. Today 150 years later we are still killing healthy and innocent companion animals in America. Every year across America approximately 3,500,000 to 4,000,000 companion animals are killed in America. To put it bluntly, Animal welfare in America is broken. We are not living up to our moral greatness.  I and millions of companion animal lovers in America are fed up. We no longer accept the status quo. And we no longer accept the broken promises of those elected and those in animal welfare who are supposed to save the lives of our homeless and shelter animals.

We are not going to take it any longer. We are fed up trying to get America’s government run animal shelters to change and come into the 21st century.

American’s have come to the conclusion that the only way to end the killings is to enact a National Act, to make it illegal across America to kill healthy companion animals.

Working around the margins like HSUS, ASPCA, PETA and Best Friends is doing will take another 150 years to end the killings. If the average number of killings was only 1.5 million not 4 million, since the ASPCA was founded to end the cruelty to companion animals we have killed over 225,000,000 healthy companion animals. If we continue at that rate for another 150 years we will kill another 225 Million pets. The carnage and killing cannot continue. These are not the actions of the great and moral nation we were founded on, and still are in our hearts still.

Doing the same thing… and expecting different results is like Einstein said…INSANE

My last great hurrah, before I depart this world is to help lead the efforts of America’s 100 million animal lovers to ensure a national law is enacted to end the killings of America’s innocent sentient beings, our faithful and loving companion animals. To accomplish that we have created the COMPANION ANIMALS RIGHT TO LIFE ACT – C.A.R.L.A. ​

Please make a tax deductible donation to Green Pets America Charities.

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Mercy Animals

2016 is designated as the Year of Mercy for humans and animals.


This is the year to show your mercy to those in need of love and a helping hand.

There are people and animals in need of your mercy, caring, help and love right now.

Green Pets America through our program, the Companion Animals Right to Life Act – C.A.R.L.A. is dedicated to bringing mercy, love and LIFE to the homeless companion animals in our communities.

The pets that once were part of a home, but for one reason or another were unmercifully abandoned to roam the streets, heartbroken, confused and in search of a new family.

Our companion animals have no way to care for themselves. They have been domesticated and they no longer know how to live on their own.


Green Pets America has been a steady voice for mercy to our companion animals since 2005.

We are an IRS approved non-profit since 2005 and have the highest …Gold Star rating of GuideStar Charity ratings.

mercy animals




Open your heart – show mercy to our homeless and shelter companion animals with a generous donation today to support the Companion Animal Right to Life Act – C.A.R.L.A.

companion animals right to life act