Green Pets

Watch Pet FOOleD and you will know why we care so much about educating and helping pet owners feed their companion animals nourishing food.

Green Pets and its research arm, Clean Pet Food are 501c3 nonprofit organizations founded in 2007 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Green Pets is dedicated to improving the lives of our companion animals. Green Pet funds independent companion animal nutrition research projects, supports and offers companion animal holistic nutrition and wellness education forums.


Green PetzThe mission of Green Pets is to improve the health and well-being of our companion animals.

To accomplish our mission, we fund impartial scientific studies that evaluate the health effects of both processed and fresh whole food diets for companion animals.

Based on our research we provide pet parent’s with clear and unbiased information about pet nutrition so they can make informed decisions on the best way to nourish their pets.


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The Greatness of a Nation – How Will We Be judged?

Ghandi Quote Picture Dog

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”― Gandhi

The greatness of America will one day be judged on how it treated its companion animals.  How Will We Be Judged?

We kill sick animals in shelters every day, when a few antibiotics would save their lives.  How Will We Be Judged?

We spend millions of dollars euthanizing animals, but few dollars on spay & neuter to save lives. How Will We Be Judged?

We kill animals to empty shelter cages, when we could adopt them. How Will We Be Judged?

We kill companion animals because we do not like their breed. How Will We Be Judged?

We build elaborate million dollar Government buildings, and cheap animal shelters.  How Will We Be Judged?

We show our children killing their pets is moral and allowed in society. How Will We Be Judged?

We discard our companion animals after years of them loving us, because we tire of caring for them. How Will We Be Judged?

We spend money to feed our bad habits, yet let our companion animals starve. How Will We Be Judged?

We adopt a companion animal, and then let them sit in a hot car and die. How Will We Be Judged?

We get a companion animal and then tie him to a tree his whole life. How Will We Be Judged?

We look the other way when people abuse their pet because we don’t want to offend them. How Will We Be Judged?

We spend money on pampering ourselves but do not donate a penny to save lives. How Will We Be Judged?

We spend millions for political bridges to nowhere, but no money for saving a homeless animal in our own town. How Will We Be Judged?

We send taxpayer money overseas to Nations that slaughter companion animals and eat them, and spend no Washington money to save, spay & neuter or even feed homeless American companion animals. How Will We Be Judged?

We kill 4 million companion animals every year when we could save them. How Will We Be Judged?

Steve Monahan, Executive Director
National No Kill Humane Society
“a Voice for Life”

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Celebration – a New Vision For Animal Care in America

book celebration

“It’s the story of Celebration… and how America’s most innovative animal welfare organization is creating green no- kill, pet themed villages across America, for pet lovers to come together to celebrate, shop, hold events, and care for their pets, all while saving America’s Homeless shelter animals.

At Green Pets America we see the future of animal care from both a non-profit view and from a for-profit pet industry retail model view. And the future is bright and the vision is clear. We see the opportunity for the pet Industry.. a growing $55 Billion dollar industry catering to America’s love of dogs; to combine with the animal welfare industry and change the future. Together, retail and animal welfare will end the killing of our pets in America.

Book Forward:

We Americans are a kind and caring people. We may differ on many levels but when it comes to our pets we all love them dearly. We intuitively know in deep within our hearts that we have the responsibility to be good stewards of Gods animals.

We understand that the lives of our companion animals are deeply woven into our very being, closer than our own breath. We care for and love them, intuitively knowing that our own lives would suffer if they were not here with us.  Scholars tell us the greatness of a Nation, its people and its moral character can be judged by the way it treats its animals. Americans love animals and want to protect and build a better, safer world for them.

Why do we love them so? Why do so many of us have dogs or cats, or other pets in our homes. On my street alone eight out of ten of my neighbors have a pet. Many have more than one as do my wife and I. It’s a joy to watch everyone out walking their dogs and socializing and bonding together as a community.

So why do we have these companion animals with us? Look around this world, while it is on one hand full of hope, on the day to day side it can often be hectic and chaotic. But pets are our rock and source of unconditional love. No matter what happens in the fast paced outside world during the day, when we come home we know our pets will greet us with a wagging tail and love.

Isn’t it nice knowing someone has been patiently awaiting your return? And on top of that they don’t judge or second guess or criticize us, they just show us love.

There are over 95 million cats and 70 million dogs in American homes. The pet industry is booming. People spend money on their pets as if they were their children; too many if not most of us, we see them as our children. They give us unconditional love in a time when love is hard to come by. Americans spend over $55 billion on pet care. This spending is growing every year, even as other economic sectors decline. Over 63 percent of all households in the United States have a companion animal as part of their family. And financial donations to animal charities are the fastest growing segments in American philanthropy.

But alas there is another story; one most Americans are not aware of. It’s the story of over four [4] million healthy dogs and cats euthanized yearly in America’s shelters. We share these statistics with people and they are taken back.

Most Americans are not aware of this dark side, of an otherwise bright future for our companion animals. After people learn that we are killing over twelve thousand [12,000] pets daily, four million [4] yearly in our community animal shelters they are appalled. They invariably ask us how do we fix this?

In this book we will outline for you exactly how we will fix this and change the course of pet care in America. We will do it by a hybrid business model of both for profit and non-profit strategies and 21st century thinking.

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