Maggie Gets Wheelchair

Walking Again! Maggie’s Story

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Check out this video clip of  Maggie. Maggie just turned nine in February. She is a wonderful long-haired miniature Doxie! Maggie was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease with secondary myopathy and a tumor on her pituitary gland. With all this Maggie has lost the ability to use her hind legs to walk. Her owners are so caring that they carry her everywhere now, or push her in a stroller outside.

Maggie remains a happy dog and is quite a little fighter.

Over the past year and a half Maggie has gone from hopping with her back legs to being completely dependent on her pet parents for any movement. When the owners learned of a wheelchair for Maggie we learned that they both cried tears of joy. Katrina, Maggie’s Mom said “I was thrilled!! I pray a lot for her and I feel like God heard me! I love the thought of Maggie having some independence again! She loves to be outside. I take her on walks with her stroller and she loves it. Imagine her moving herself around outside :). I bet it would help her bedsores a bit too!”

Green Pets America Charities in Woodstock Georgia and Best Friends Mobility in Chattanooga Tennessee got together and donated a wheelchair to Maggie today.

June 2016 UPDATE;

 We are so very sorry to announce that Maggie recently passed away of  her hard fought Cushing’s Disease illness. Her owners showed loving compassion and strength and stayed with her till the end.

The only consolation we have is that in her last year the wheelchair let her still get around and be a dog in motion.