Black Dog Friday Super Hero Award

Enter your black dog for the 2017

Black Dog Friday Super Hero Award

There will be 10 winners

Each Super Hero Award Winner will have his or her story told and shared to America. In addition to your dog being selected as the Black Dog Friday Super Hero… You will receive a copy of the best seller book, RESCUE RENEW REHOME.

To enter just tell us why your black dog is your Super Hero. Article should be 100 or more words.

Please email your story article and your Super Hero dogs picture, and your picture as well to:


The mission of Black Dog Friday is to ensure the welfare of companion animals, particularly our black shelter dogs, and to unlesash the power of the human and companion animal love into the world.

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Black Dog Friday

black dog friday

BLACK DOG FRIDAY – Rescue – Adoption – Awareness –  for Black Shelter Dogs, America’s most overlooked, least adopted and one of the most euthanized dogs.


There are many reasons for what is known as “Black Dog Syndrome”, including superstitious fear of black dogs, old wives’ tales about black dogs and even the fact they do not photograph well on animal shelters and rescue groups websites of dogs for adoption

With Rescue – Adoption – Awareness we get black shelter dogs rescued, vetted, fed, placed into foster care and finally adopted into loving homes.

We were founded in Atlanta, GA in 2004.  We are an IRS certified 501c3 Non-Profit Organization. Nationally Accredited and Gold Star rated by Great Non-Profits and Guide Star the National Non -Profit Rating Agency.

Our founder, Steve Monahan was recognized by the State Senate of Georgia for Humanitarian Service to Georgia’s people and pets and his home City of Woodstock, Ga for creating its first pet food pantry for families in need.

 Help save black shelter dogs in 4 simple ways

1.     Visit your shelter, or rescue group and adopt a black dog this Friday.

2.     Subscribe to the FREE, Black Dog Friday Daily Dog News 

3.     Make a donation of whatever you can afford to Black Dog Friday so we can rescue, vet, feed, put into foster care, train and then adopt each dog into a new loving home. DONATE

4.     Visit our BLACK DOG FRIDAY ONLINE STORE and make a purchase to show you support our program.

At the Black Dog Friday Shop, we have custom logo designed merchandise with our BLACK DOG FRIDAY logo on t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, and more. Help spread the word to adopt black dogs every Friday from America’s animal shelters.

black dog fridaySupport  Black Dog Friday and our mission of Rescue – Adoption – Awareness for Black Shelter Dogs, America’s least adopted most euthanized dogs.



 black dog friday



Thank you for your support 

Steven Monahan, Executive Director & Founder, Green Pets America Charities and Black Dog Friday Rescue

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Do You Run Your Animal Shelter as a Leader or Manager?

There are two styles of running a business. Leadership style or Manager style.

Which one do you use?

The Leadership style animal shelter or rescue group Director “Leader” perspective starts with a picture of a well-defined future, and then comes back to the present with the intention of changing it to match the future vision.

The Animal Shelter or Rescue Organization Director “Manager” perspective starts with the present, and then looks forward to an uncertain future with the hope of keeping it much like the present.

Which perspective do you use?

We advise our clients to take the Leadership perspective. The outcome for your community will be much better, you will adopt out more animals and you will enjoy your role as a Director so much better.

Green Pets America provides marketing and leadership Consulting Services Over 12 years actively involved in animal welfare, advocacy, rescue and adoption. Recognized by the State of Georgia for service to animals.

Contact us using the below contact form.

GPA Charities FB

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what do today’s pet owners want?

As an owner of a Pet Business you need to do marketing. Remember this however about Marketing. Marketing isn’t done to convince people to want what you’re selling in your store.

Marketing is done to help your prospective customers convince themselves that what you’re offering in your pet business will help them get what they really want.

And what do today’s pet owners want? Figure that out and you will succeed. Don’t learn it and you will fail.

Follow our Green Pets America Charities consulting blog and you will learn what today’s pet owners want to buy.

GPA Charities FB

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How to Start an Animal Rescue or Animal Welfare Nonprofit

At Green Pets America We Wrote the Book and Know How to Start a Non-Profit from the Ground Up !

Want to start an animal welfare charity? Congratulations! Starting a nonprofit can be very rewarding – but very complex as well. In addition to providing your services, you must also hire, train and manage employees or volunteers, maintain compliance with Federal and State government regulations, understand your market, and position your nonprofit start-up to grow.

Donations do not come easily, especially for new non-profits with no community track record…and the odds of failing are fairly high. Therefore planning and working with an experienced existing non-profit animal welfare organization team is essential.

20 Key steps to start a Non-Profit:

  1. Set up a No-Profit Corporation in your State
  2. Elect a Board of Directors and Officers
  3. Obtain an EIN via IRS Form SS4
  4. Prepare Articles of Incorporation
  5. Adopt Bylaws
  6. Complete the extensive application for an IRS 501(c)(3) Tax Exemption
  7. File For State Tax Exemption
  8. File Charity Solicitation Registration
  9. Prepare Meeting Minutes of Board of Directors
  10. Recruit & Train a Fundraising Team
  11. Develop a Strategic 5 Year Plan
  12. Develop Marketing Strategies
  13. Create a Unique Custom Logo
  14. Develop a Website
  15. Develop a Corporate Sponsorship Program
  16. Develop a Grant Solicitation Strategy
  17. Develop Board of Directors Duties
  18. Develop Organizational Policy Handbook
  19. Create a Press Release Package
  20. Create a Monthly & Annual Income Plan

If creating your own non-profit is more than you can handle or afford then contact our consulting group and they can help you create your non-profit today.

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See How to Start a No Kill Shelter

Green Shelters America has created America’s only green full adoption shelters, affiliate organization. Some use the term”no-kill” we prefer to use the term green full adoption, as our model is green built facilities and full adoption by using our proprietary formula of Rescue Renew Rehome to adopt all healthy savable animals.We developed this program in our 10 years of animal welfare, rescuing renewing and rehoming shelter animals in Atlanta Georgia.

You can learn Why and How to do this in our inspiring new book and how to practical guide to shelter animal conversion – Rescue Renew Rehome – on: Amazon

We are a 501c3 non-profit founded in 2004 in Atlanta, Georgia. Visit our website at or email us at to receive a package on how to apply to become a licensed affiliate of Green Shelters America non-profit.

10-16 - 2014 Revised Book Cover from DD

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