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Black Dog Pickles

Black Dog Pickles. Are you aware that the least adopted,  most killed dogs are black shelter dogs?

Click this link to see the Today Show Video for the Black Dog Story.

To overcome this phenomenon Green Pets America has created an Awareness and Advocacy program. The program is Black Dog Pickles. Black Dog Pickles is our National Advocacy Program for ending Black Dog Syndrome.

The fear of black dogs is classified as a syndrome. Fear of black dogs is a phenomenon throughout the world. Because of this bias and fear black dogs are passed over for adoption in favor of lighter-colored animals.

Animal shelters work to overcome this syndrome from pet adopters but black dogs still remain the most abandoned and most euthanized dogs in animal shelters.

As Executive Director and founder of a dog rescue nonprofit, Green Pets America Charities, I have spent the last 12 years involved with rescuing dogs from shelters. Everything from walking in and pulling them out of kill shelters, to taking them to vets. To bringing them to our rescue group. We then vet them and place them in foster care. We work diligently to adopt them into loving safe homes. I’ve spent many a weekend at Pet Smart with two dozen dogs trying to get them adopted.

Through all this, one thing became apparent to me. Black Dogs are the least adopted of all the dogs we rescue. They are the least adopted in the shelters we go into as well. We always have a higher than usual selection of black dogs, versus light colored or mixed color dogs. We found that black dogs languish not only longer in shelters, but rescue groups as well. Where we can adopt other colors out on average in three months, some black dogs take up to a year…. Some, even more.

So we did some research and found that our experience was not unusual, it was sadly normal. There is a phenomenon and its name is Black Dog Syndrome (BDS). Black Dog Syndrome is known by shelters and rescue groups throughout America. Numerous respected national organizations have long recognized BDS as an issue that adversely affects the adoption rates of black pets.

So, what exactly is this syndrome? Black Dog Syndrome is a sometimes conscious, but most times unconscious mental, and emotional bias in humans against black dogs.

Well, there are many reasons, including superstitious fear of black dogs, “old wives’ tales” about black dogs, Black dogs depicted in movies and literature as evil or devilish. A scary, growling black dog can be seen in The Hound of the Baskervilles, the Harry Potter series and The Omen.


In a survey, Pet finder the respected national organization where we post our dogs available for adoption, animal shelter and rescue groups reported that most pets are listed for about 3 months, whereas, black dogs and senior or special needs dogs average 12 months on the Pet finder adoption site.


The only real fact, not ignorance, superstition or media, and folklore bias are that black dogs do not photograph well on animal shelter websites. This is easily overcome however by simply photographing black dogs in front of blue screens or blue paper, as we do at GPA. At Green Pets America Charities,  we believe that the color of a dogs coat has nothing to do with the dogs’ temperament or personality. Ask any owner of a black dog. Just ask me: we have three black rescue dogs. Our black dogs are as loving, playful, smart and a joy to be with each day as our other two, non-black dogs.


So what are some positive things that you can you do to end Black Dog Syndrome?

You can go to an animal shelter and adopt a black shelter dog.

You can share this article with your friends and family, encouraging them to consider adopting a black dog the next time they get a dog.

You can educate people that it’s not the color of the dog, but the size of her or his heart that is important. And you can now buy Black Dog Pickles to bring awareness to the cause.

And you can now buy Black Dog Pickles to bring awareness to the cause.

black dog pickles

We hand make Black Dog Pickles in small batches and sell them at Farmers Markets and Animal Welfare Fund Raising Events. We are looking for corporate sponsors to help us produce these in larger batches and distribute then regionally and nationally. If you want to help spread the word and end the killing of half a million black shelter dogs each year please contact us at Steve@GreenPetsAmerica. We are a501c3 nonprofit, founded in 2007 and recognized by the state Senate of Georgia for Humanitarian efforts for families and animals of Georgia.

All profits go to Green Pets America Charities 501c3 non-profit, for black dog syndrome education and rescue.

green pets america


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10 Year Anniversary Green Pets America

10 Year Anniversary Green Pets America.

Green Pets America is not your usual rescue the dogs nonprofit. Hi, I’m Steven Monahan, Founder-Executive Director of Green Pets America Charities. We are both an animal welfare and an animal rights organization. Green Pets America cover’s a lot of needs in our overarching vision to keep families and their companion animals safe and together.

As an “animal welfare” organization we are a compassionate and articulate voice for the safety and compassionate care of our beloved companion animals.

As an “animal rights” organization we argue for a right to life for all companion animals through our Companion Animal Right to Life group, named CARLA.

The vision of Green Pets America is in its name. Pets, or more appropriately stated “companion animals” are a precious resource to be sustained and not thrown away.  Green Pets believes our companion animals are not disposable but deserve a right to life and when in shelters must be rescued, renewed and rehomed. We were founded in Atlanta, GA in 2007. GPAC is a nationally recognized Gold Star Rated 501c3 Non-Profit Organization. Steve Monahan and GPAC were recognized by the State Senate of Georgia and other entities for their dedication to families and companion animals.

The concept for Green Pets America Charities was based on Steve’s desire to give a second chance at life for dogs sitting in death row kill shelters. Steve survived a terminal illness and felt compelled to help animals get a new chance at life, just as he was blessed to receive.

In the past 10 years, GPA has rescued, renewed and rehomed over 1,000 death row shelter animals throughout Georgia. Dog Food was given to places like Papas Pantry, Must Ministries, and The Cherokee Animal Shelter.  A need was filled by helping families keep their pets with them when the tough times hit. Additionally, we have helped children in need of a service dog secure one so they can get around safely, living a happy wholesome life just like all their friends.

10 Year Anniversary Green Pets America.Green Pets is keenly aware a phenomenon called “Black Dog Syndrome”.  It’s a sad truth that leaves black dogs in shelters much longer than their tan-furred brethren.  Just like certain breeds, dogs shouldn’t be judged on the color of their fur or their breed.

Green Pets helped honor our local working K9s by providing a fenced in area at the Woodstock police station for a K9 outdoor “break room”.  Our police K9 is on the job protecting us 24/7 and Green Pets America believes we all should love and celebrate these working officers, with the dignity, honor, and respect they deserve.

Steve Monahan, Green Pets Founder, said; Green Pets is not your basic rescue the dogs nonprofit. In our day to day efforts, we seek to fill the gaps in animal welfare that exist by providing needed resources to ensure families and their beloved pets remain bonded and together in hard times.

We listen to families and their individual needs. It may be helping with funds to pay for routine veterinary care for a beloved pet. Or emergency care when a dog or cat is injured.  It even means providing resources for spay and neutering. The State Senate of Georgia and City Council of Woodstock Georgia recognized Green Pets for their service to Georgia’s families and pets.

green pets globalAs Green Pets takes a moment to look back on the past 10 years, we look to the future, not the past. We launched Green Pets Europe in 2016 and are very pleased with the expansion and hunger for learning about sheltering and especially no-kill for Europe. In late 2017 we will further expand Globally and change our name to Green Pets Global.

If you love dogs as we do and want to help them live full lives we know you will love viewing and reading our two best selling books. ART OF THE BLACK DOG, AND RESCUE RENEW REHOME. Both available on AMAZON BOOKS.Rescue Renew Rehome

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Animal Welfare Book Rescue Renew Rehome

Animal Welfare Book Rescue Renew Rehome 3rd edition just released.

Written by the founder of Green Pets America Charities, celebrating 10 years of caring for animals and families in need.

Animal welfare is about Compassion for animals.


Compassion: To suffer together.  It’s the feeling that arises when we are confronted with another’s suffering and feel motivated to relieve that suffering.

Compassion is not the same as empathy, though the concepts are related. While empathy refers to our ability to take the perspective of and feel the emotions of another person, compassion is when those feelings and thoughts include the desire to help.

Neuroscience has shown that when we feel compassion, our heart rate slows down, we secrete the bonding hormone oxytocin, and regions of the brain linked to empathy, caregiving, and feelings of pleasure light up: resulting  in our desire to approach and care for other’s.


This book has Great stories, Great information and Great reviews.


Rescue Renew Rehome book


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Video how to train a puppy in 7 Easy Steps

Video How to train a puppy in 7 Easy Steps

At Green Pet we just came across this quick Video how to train a puppy in 7 Easy Steps. We hope you enjoy it. The key in training puppies is to have patience with them. Use one word commands. Never yell at them. And last keep them to a consistent daily routine. Take them out to go to the bathroom the same time every day and always from the same door. At first you will need to take them out every two hours to start the training routine. Good luck and have fun.

Steven Monahan, Founder- Executive Director Green Pets America Charities, shares his insights, expertise and opinions on the human animal bond; including, nutrition, pet food, total wellness, animal welfare, animal rights, as well as news, trends and developments in the global pet industry.

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Why does Animal Welfare Continue to Get Worse

For those of us whose mission is to protect the lives and provide well-being to our fellow animals, there’s a troubling question we’ve asked ourselves for a decade: Why does Animal Welfare Continue to Get Worse? 
Why, despite the continuing work of animal welfare, animal rights, the green movement, and ecological groups, does the animal situation, Globally and in America continue to get worse not better?

To change this societal issue Green Pets America Charities educates school age children and adults that the brutal treatment of our companion animals is a deep seeded psycho social issue that must be addressed before meaningful and lasting change will occur.  At Green Pets we show via our programs the direct scientific link of animal abuse to domestic abuse.  And the direct scientific link to species discrimination and race discrimination.Why does Animal Welfare Continue to Get Worse

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