Freedom of Speech being denied to Animal Rescue Group

Freedom of Speech in America -Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and by many state constitutions and state and federal laws. Even criticism of the government and advocacy of ideas that some people may find distasteful or against public policy are almost always permitted.Additionally, Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted in 1948, states that: “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media.”
Freedom of Speech is today being denied to Green Pets America.Green Pets America has recently been told by the police and government of Clayton County Georgia that with a new police shelter manager now in place we must sign a legal document that we would not say anything to anyone about what goes on relative to shelter animals in their care in the Clayton County Animal shelter. It is a gag request. If we refused to sign away our rights to free speech and say anything about the care of animals in the shelter we would no longer be allowed to rescue and save death row dogs.Additionally to go into the government shelter we would be required to turn in our cameras and turn in our cell phones upon entry to rescue death row dogs. We were to be escorted by an armed police officer to get in to rescue dogs. We were required to get a costly Police Criminal Background check. We and our staff and volunteers are are being treated like criminals when all we are trying to do is save shelter animals.Courageously our Executive Director Kristen refused to sign this illegal agreement. She refused to give up our free speech rights – and now Green Pets America has been physically banned from the government shelter. Now GPA cannot save the lives of Clayton County Shelter dogs.Green Pets America is a state of Georgia non-profit.
GPA is an IRS approved 501c3 animal rescue non-profit animal advocacy organization. We are licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture, with a shelter license to rescue dogs from Georgia shelters.We have been recognized by the State Senate of Georgia and our home City of Woodstock, Georgia for service to Georgia’s families and animals. Yet we are being denied our freedom to rescue dogs per our State license. We and our thousands of supporters, all American citizens and tax payers, are being treated as criminals.We have rescued dogs for years from Clayton County. Under the previous shelter management we rescued and then vetted and cared for at our own costs, and adopted a thousand dogs. This has saved lives and perhaps $100,000 in euthanization and food costs for Clayton County. Green Pets America has helped improve their kill rate from 90% too much lower.We have saved hundreds of death row dogs from this shelter through the years and placed them into loving homes throughout Georgia…and now we cannot.

They have illegally taken away our free speech rights and refused our help to save lives.

Is this America?

We will not give up our constitutional rights. Too many soldiers have died for these rights. Too many wars have been fought to allow our First Amendment rights to be taken away by our own government. We will not give up our rights and we will sue Clayton County to stop this immediately.

Green Pets America Charities

Please do not take just our word for this. Read this email sent to us from the local Clayton animal humane society group that previous to the new appointment of a shelter director helped the shelter rescue thousands of the shelters animals.

This no-profit humane Society is rallying the local TV stations and media to make everyone aware of what is happening at the Clayton Animal Shelter.

Wednesday July 23, 2014

Clayton County Animal Control is a high kill “shelter” run by the police in the city of Jonesboro, GA. The captain in charge retired last month and his replacement has thrown out the volunteer group, the Partners, which over several years had saved thousands of dogs lives and slashed the kill rate, which had been 85%. This group saved Clayton County tens of thousands of dollars in fees the vet would have charged to euthanize. (The Partners and their attorney had very legitimate concerns about the restrictions the police Memorandum of Understanding would have placed on them. When they refused to sign they were asked to leave.) That highly effective group was replaced by one volunteer who resigned in less than two weeks due to the excessive restrictions placed on her by the police. 

Volunteers had been able to take photos of the dogs to post on Facebook (Partners with Clayton County Animal Control). Now only Animal Control staff can take pics. You need an escort to go back where the kennels are — even to go to the restroom. And you cannot take a cell phone or purse with you. Licensed rescue groups and transporters need a police background check. These are proven people with established track records working with CCAC. Never needed it before.

Monday, July 28 2014, fifteen outdoor kennels which the humane society partners had donated to CCAC were taken down — 15 fewer kennels to hold dogs — and now CCAC is full again!


Animal rescue organizations were told that Jonesboro, Animal Control would be closed on Thursday for maintenance and to pick up dogs on Friday. But then on Friday they were told that 22 dogs and 1 cat had already been euthanized the day before, including 7 that had confirmed adoption rescues. 

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Rescuing “Starbucks” the Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier Picture GPA

Jill and I were just getting ready to leave Pet Smart about 5:00 pm on a cold Tuesday evening. Our rescue Group, Green Pets America is usually only at this Pet Smart in Canton, Georgia on Sundays, but we were here because I was making a special effort to get one of our lovable rescues a new home. This special rescue was a big scared lab and he needed a permanent home to feel safe and really loved again. So as we left I loaded Sam, the big goofy yellow lab in Jill’s little eco car and walked back in the store to make sure we left nothing behind.

All of a sudden this young guy comes running in with a little white and brown Jack Russell Terrier. The little dog was shaking and his leg was sticking out looking like it may be broken. Jack Russell’s are funny and crazy and always wired up. They all seem to be caffeine hyped 10 Starbucks ahead of all the other dogs we rescue.

The kid asked if I was “the rescue guy” that came on Sundays. I said yes. He immediately said he was in a hurry and was late to work, but I needed to take this dog. He said he was driving to work on the highway right near us and saw this little Jack Russell jump out of a car onto the highway and scamper to the side of the road. So this kid, I was referring to him in my head as “Lying Dude” said he turned his car around and picked him up and drove him here for someone to take him. I know I may seem coarse but we hear all kinds of reasons when someone wants to give up their dog. So I was hoping he was really a Good Samaritan, but skeptical that he may also just want to get rid of his own dog.

As we talked “Dude’s trying to get out of the store as quickly as possible. I’m holding the little scared dog…with his lease attached to his collar. So, I had to ask. When “Jack” jumped out of the moving car, did he have this leash on him at the same time?

He looked at me for a second, kind of dumb founded and said; yup he jumped with the leash as well.  We talked a bit and just as he was leaving I said to him, looks like this poor dog he hasn’t eaten in a while. “Dude” said, no he ate this morning and ran to his car. So much for “Good Samaritan”

The truth is I am glad “Dude” did bring him to our rescue group at Pet Smart. He actually did the right thing. Sometimes “Dudes” abandon their dogs in the woods. Little house trained dogs just don’t survive long on their own. Or had he taken him to a shelter, as an owner turn in, with a broken leg as well, the little guy would probably be immediately euthanized. Many shelters feel if you as the owner turn in your own dog, the dog must have bad issues and they won’t readopt them, they euthanize them. Also, most shelters are community, tax payer funded kill shelters. As such most do not receive sufficient local government funding to surgically fix all the dogs abandoned.

So, “Starbucks” as I started calling him was saved. He was taken to a No-Kill Rescue Group. Our Tag line at Green Pets America is…Rescue – Recycle – Relove. Little Starbucks was now rescued. Over a couple of months in a Green Pets foster home he would be Recycled and made new. And when little Starbucks got adopted, which he did, he became reloved.

If you love dogs, please what ever you can to help your local rescue no-kill groups and local animal shelters. Volunteer at your local community animal shelter, or donate a small amount of money to a local rescue non-profit group like ours so they can rescue more little ones like “Starbucks” and get them Rescued – Recycled and Reloved into new homes.

P.S. Sam, the big goofy yellow Lab I had taken a special interest and took to Pet Smart that day also got adopted. My son Stephen and his wife Trish adopted him a couple of weeks later. He now lives happily after ever with four of their other rescued dogs. It seems rescuing dog’s runs in the Monahan family.

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A Very Yappy Ending.Sweet Pea Picture


I often wonder where she was born, what she was like as a puppy and why she became abandoned. She is just the most serene, and cutest pure bred miniature dachshund you could lay your eyes on. Your heart melts when she looks up at you with her big brown eyes. When I am in her company my energy is at peace. Like a clear lake top, peaceful and serene.

Our rescue group Green Pets America rescued Sweet Pea. She was left behind for some unknown reason in her empty home. Worse yet she was abandoned with her two puppies as well. They were just the most beautiful and adorable little family. We’re not sure if her owners were foreclosed on and left the 3 behind or if they went to jail. I can’t tell you how many times this is how we have wound up rescuing a dog.

I and our group used to cart Sweet pea and her puppies, along with a dozen of our other rescue dogs every Sunday to Pet Smart, where we would try to find them new loving homes. It is not easy work rounding all the dogs up, getting their cages in the pickup and cars and unloading them and setting up the puppy play pen and adoption table… but it’s a work of love. It allows us to be with these wonderful rescues and meet fellow pet lovers. And when we get one adopted we’re happy, but also sad to see them go. These little and sometimes big brutes become your kids.

Well after a few weeks both of Sweet Pea’s puppies did find new homes. I’d like to say they lived happily ever after, but one suddenly died shortly after adoption. Seems the little guy, being a nosy puppy opened the door under the families sink and ate some drain cleaner and died. I must tell you we all cried. I just don’t know why things like that happen in life. This poor little guy had a rough start and a rough ending. Thank God however when he was with us, he had a wonderful and happy middle. If you have pets please baby proof your home. These little ones are curious and will always be looking for new adventures. Please, please keep them safe.

Well with both puppies adopted we still had Sweet Pea. My wife started to really bond with her and one Sunday when I was heading off to Pet Smart Lynne said, “if she doesn’t get adopted today please lets take her ourselves”.

Well as life would have it just at the end of the adoption event a woman came up to one of our Directors and wanted to see Sweet Pea. So Susan took her out of the small dog play area. I watched the ladies eyes and in a flash I saw the woman immediately take to Sweet Pea. Adoptions are like that. There seems to be an immediate connection. Well I did something I never did before. I ran over and scooped little Sweet Pea from Susan’s arms. Susan looked at me like I was crazy I guess. But, my heart said that I had to step in and take Sweet Pea home that minute. I just could not bear to possible put her in a situation like what happened to her puppy. After 8 weeks of being with her I couldn’t let her go.

I put her in my car right that minute. After we packed up the pound puppies and big brutes as well Sweet Pea came home to live with us and our other three rescue dogs forever.

I have never regretted my crazy or rude act of sweeping her away and taking her home.

She is the calmest of all our rescues and she’s also the peace maker of the pack. Sweet Pea like all our rescued dogs is a true gift from God. They give everything and ask only for love and protection in return.

For Sweet Pea Monahan and for the whole family it was a Very Yappy Ending...


Steve Monahan, founder

Green Pets

Rescue Renew Rehome


Please make a donation today.

You will help write another happy ending for a homeless pet sitting in a shelter today.

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Did Dogs Come From Wolves?


Dogs were probably the first tame animals. They have accompanied humans for some 10,000 years. Some scientists assert that all dogs, domestic and wild, share a common ancestor in the small South Asian wolf.

Today humans have bred hundreds of different domestic dog breeds—some of which could never survive in the wild. Despite their many shapes and sizes all domestic dogs, from Newfoundlands to pugs, are members of the same species—Canis familiaris. Although they have domestic temperaments, these dogs are related to wolves, foxes, and jackals.

Domestic dogs still share many behaviors with their wild relatives. Both defend their territories and mark them by urinating on trees, rocks, fence posts, and other suitable sites. These scent posts serve notice to other dogs that an animal is occupying its territory.

Many pet dogs also bury bones or favorite toys for future use, just as their wild relatives sometimes bury a kill to secure the meat for later feasts.

Dogs communicate in several ways. Scent is one method, another is physical appearance. Body position, movement, and facial expression often convey a strong message. Many of these signals are recognizable even to humans, such as the excited tail-wagging of a happy dog or the bared teeth of an angry or threatened animal. Vocally, dogs communicate with a cacophony of sounds including barks, growls, and whines.

Domestic dogs serve as more than companions; many earn their keep by working hard. Dogs herd livestock, aid hunters, guard homes, and perform police and rescue work. Some special animals even guide the blind—a poignant symbol of the dog’s longstanding role as man’s best friend.


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Ignorance Kills 4 Million Homeless Pets Yearly


We believe that all homeless pets can be saved.

We believe that we must stop killing 4 million homeless pets each year. In this day and age there is no reason that we cannot save them all. 

The only thing that is stopping us is ignorance… Ignorance kills. The antidote to ignorance is education. Education is our vision to create a no-kill America. The only thing that will stop us is good people standing by and not acting.

Please do not stand by any longer and turn a blind eye to the slaughter of the  innocents. Join with us. Help us bring light to darkness. 

Help us educate. Help us save lives. We are your friends, neighbors and community leaders who’ve come together to save lives.

 We are a gold star rated non-profit, recognized for humanitarian services to our communities.



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How interacting with a pet helps you overcome mild depression

Dog Doctor Green Pets America

How does interacting with a pet help you overcome worry or mild depression?

When we are worried or stressed we are deeply focusing on our self. And the more we worry and focus inward on our self the worse things get. We create a downward spiral. We keep thinking about what our problem is and what we do not want. Our brains are programmed to give us what we think about. And therefore our brain gives us more of the very problem we have –  because that is all we focus on and think about.

So by playing with your pet, by stopping the incessant negative thinking about yourself, by taking your mind off your problem, by having it on something positive, something loving outside your mind your brain relaxes. And when it relaxes it starts to figure out solutions to fix what ever it is that is worrying you..

Playing with, talking with, or petting your pet stops you from your inward focus. It stops you from digging the hole deeper. It allows the attention and love of your pet to magically pull you up and out of the hole you have dug.

How do I know this? From medical research studies, from talking with clients I coach, from talking with friends and from first hand experience. When I survived the operation that healed my disease I worried about it coming back. I worried if they got it all. That worrying about myself put me into a state of negative energy. It also made me mildly depressed. Medicine did not help. Anti depressant’s did not work. What worked was starting a non-profit animal charity that made me focus on others and not me. That worked almost immediately. And to this day playing with Australian Shepard, a dog I rescued personally from a death row shelter, the day before he was to be killed, and helping people and pets cured my self-centered worrying.

Pets really do save our lives. Pets and man & woman are bonded together – and together wellness happens

Green Pets America Communities, Pet depression and worry

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