What is Clean Label?

What is Clean Label? The way people think about food is changing. They care more about what’s in the products they purchase and how they were made than ever before. “Clean label” is a response to this demand for transparency.

What is Clean Label?

According to Harvard Business Review the real marketing food story today is the relentless shift to transparency and what many call the “clean label” movement.

In the food world, a clean label focuses on having fewer ingredients that are very clear about their origins, and recognizable (e.g., “cream” versus “microparticulated whey protein concentrate,” which the fast-growing chain Panera has placed on its long “No No List”).

But “clean label” is a catchall for a much broader and growing list of demands about the human and planetary impacts of all products and services (and the companies behind them). For example, in Germany, McDonald’s is experimenting with selling a burger made with organic beef. Subway just joined a growing list of companies (including, again, McDonald’s) committing to buy mainly antibiotic-free meat. Why are big, mainstream food companies moving toward more natural ingredients? Clearly, there’s a broad trend toward health and wellness, but that’s not the big news here.

Two major forces are driving this Clean Label movement :

  1.  Technology-driven transparency about products and their supply chains, and
  2.  Millennials, who are regularly demanding good behavior from the companies they buy from and work for. This movement, while hitting a fever pitch around products we put in or on our bodies, is not just affecting the food and personal care worlds.

what is clean label?

Clean Pet Food Adviser

Steve Monahan is an Animal Welfare Influencer.  Author Rescue Renew Rehome. He is founder of Green Pets America Charities and the Clean Pet Food Adviser. Both are no-profit organizations in Atlanta Georgia. His current animal welfare book is RESCUE RENEW REHOME, available on Amazon Books and other book retailers. Steve has been recognized by the State of Georgia for humanitarian efforts on behalf of families and companion animals.

Clean Pet Food Adviser

Clean Pet Food Adviser. The trust factor.The demand for honesty and transparency in the  foods we purchase for ourselves… and for our pets has given rise to confusion, frustration and distrust of large food companies”, said Steve Monahan Founder and Executive Director of the Clean Pet Food Adviser and Green Pets America Charities, Atlanta, Georgia.

Today there is an explosion of interest in fresh foods, whole foods, organic foods and with it simple clean food labels. There is a dramatically increased awareness and focus by consumers on the effects of food on their physical, mental and emotional health. And with that there are mounting demands for transparency from food companies about where and how their products are sourced. What nutritional ingredients and chemicals are in them and how these ingredients are manufactured.Clean Pet Food Adviser

Consumers today have instant resources at their fingertips that make it easy for them to learn about the food they eat. As they learn more about what we and our pets eat, the ingredients used, and how those ingredients are processed, that information is quickly informing the products we purchase.

The next phase of food purchasing is the clean label phenomenon. As example The Beech-Nut Nutrition Co., which said in May it had started listing the percentage of each ingredient for its entire line of jar and pouch baby food products on its web site.

Increasing numbers of consumers are seeking more transparency from the food and beverage industry and shunning artificial ingredients, according to Packaged Facts, Rockville, Md. Over eighty-seven per cent of Americans look at the Nutrition Facts label on packaged foods and beverages at least sometimes, while more than half (56%) actively seek out nutritional information and guidelines, the market research firm said.

“Americans want clean pet food and clean pet food labels” Clean Pet Food Adviser

“In addition to the food consumers eat, they also demand as pet parents the best, cleanest wholesome food available for their pets to eat as well. Pet parents want to know exactly what’s in the food their pets are eating as well” said Steve Monahan Founder of Green Pets America Charities.

Steve further stated that, ” every day the pet parents Green Pets serve tell them that they want to learn more about the quality and wholesomeness of the pet food they purchase for their pets to eat. Therefore to help pet owners make informed purchasing decisions Clean Pet food Adviser was created by Green Pets Charities. Clean Pet Food Adviser will help pet parents make informed choices in order to feed their pets healthy, nutritional food”.

25 green plants to grow in your garden friendly to your pet.

Pet parents want clean food and honesty in the labels they read, the ads they see and the ingredients used in the manufacturing of the food products they feed their pet. They want labels and advertising in clean simple language. They also demand to know how pet food ingredients are processed and made safe and clean for their beloved pet.

Steve told us that Green Pets has been rating and reviewing pet food for quite awhile. He said “Green Pets  started as a pet food pantry so we have always had a keen interest in making sure pets eat nutritious food. Lately however it had become apparent that the vast majority of the name brand pet foods we reviewed were lacking wholesome fresh ingredients. The heating and manufacturing processing involved in making food into Kibble is a process, that by itself lessens the quality and nourishment in pet food. We felt that while we were recommending the best available, even the best was lacking. The entire pet food industry needs to change. So we have stopped rating all pet food manufacturers. We have created a separate nonprofit arm called Clean Pet Food Adviser to help change the pet food industry. We are focusing our efforts on clean labeling, and clean food just as is being done to change the human food industry”.

There is some good news however in all this. There are some pioneering regional and national pet food manufacturers that are making more wholesome pet food and using clean labeling as well. Clean Pet Food Adviser we will be focusing on those companies and sharing their views and research on those clean manufactures of pet food.

Clean Pet Food Adviser is a nonprofit, focused on changing the quality of pet food in America. The Clean Pet Food Adviser is focused on bringing transparency in pet food labeling and quality whole food pet food products to meet the demands of a pet wellness public.

To help change the pet food industry and to help your pet eat clean and healthy

 Subscribe to Clean Pet Food Adviser [cleanpet.org]. 



 “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way. Charles Dickens. 1859


What does this quote have to do with pets, pet food and animal welfare? Well to me it parallels what’s going on today in 2017 in animal welfare and animal care.

THE BEST OF TIMES:  We used to kill 8 million pets yearly, now less pets are being killed in shelters. Dog and cat ownership is up. People now care for pets like family members. Some pets even better than other family members:}

Healthier pet food is being rolled out. More human grade pet food is becoming available. People are bonding closer and closer with their pets. Animal rights laws are being passed globally.

THE WORST OF TIMES: In 2017 3.5 million dogs and cats are still killed in America yearly. People are becoming more and more selfish, taking their pet to a shelter or stopping their car and pushing their pet out and driving off. This happened this week in Woodstock. I was called to help. Pet food companies are putting poisoned downed animal meat into our pet’s food. Large pet food companies like are lying about the benefits of their products. And more families are struggling to feed themselves and feed their pets. And families are struggling to pay for medical care for themselves and their beloved family pet as well.

So what do we do in these parallel times of Light and darkness? At Green Pets we believe the answer is not turning against one another, but coming together as a local community to work on our challenges. To continue to care for one another. To embracing hope, looking forward together as compassionate, higher thinking human beings to a brighter future. And dare I say it: Loving ourselves, one another and our pets.

For while it is a global world the reality is that most everything that impacts us is locally. Please support your local nonprofits that are making a difference in local lives. Charities that are doing what needs to be done so we can get on with our lives.

Support local nonprofits that are caring for families, women, children and pets. Please support wonderful places and people like Papas Pantry, Ahimsa House, Must Ministries, and yes…Green pets America Charities.

“While others live in the winter of despair, let us bond together as a community in the coming spring of hope.

ANIMAL WELFARE IN AMERICA BEST AND WORST OF TIMES, From Steven Monahan, Founder-Executive Director of Green Pets America Charities. Steven shares his insights, expertise and opinions on the human animal bond; including, nutrition, pet food, total wellness, animal welfare and animal rights. As well as news, trends and developments in the global pet industry.



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This book will also show you how working together we can adopt 4 million homeless pets yearly.

You will learn about the new Green Shelters and Green Villages, where pet owners come together as a community to care for, adopt and celebrate our pets.

You will learn about “Cause Marketing” … think Breast Cancer Runs and Ice Bucket Challenge and how Animal Shelters and Rescue Groups can learn to use it to raise the money they need to adopt all dogs and cats.

You will learn about America’s $58-Billion-dollar Pet Industry and how it will help end the euthanization of healthy and happy shelter animals.

This is game changing break through book you must read. You will be buying copies for your animal loving friends, family, your local Animal Shelter, and Rescue Groups.RESCUE RENEW REHOME


The 5 Lessons Death Row Dogs Taught Me About Living

5 Lessons Death Row Dogs Taught Me About Living

It’s important for me as a writer to do my art in a way that uplifts people, and celebrates nature and animals.

Our country came to a monumental fork in the road in the 80’s: The road to riches on one side, and the road to reverence on the other.

The majority of the world chose the road to riches.

A small minority chose, The Road to Reverence. Reverence for life; nature, and animals.

That choice has dramatically changed our world in the past 30 years; some say for the better, some say for the worst. One thing for certain is that choice has led us to a tragic loss of compassion and caring for one another…for nature… and for our animals.

10 years ago I was told I had a few months to live. A higher nature intervened however… and I was given a second chance.

With that new chance, I had a choice. I had a rare chance to go back and confront that fork in the road again. To choose the fork in the road to riches, or the fork that led to compassion, nature, and animals.

This time I chose the road less traveled. I chose the fork to Compassion, Nature and Animals. I chose the Road to Tirawa.

I have never been more at peace, and more in awe of the disconnectedness of life, nature and animals.

There is an ancient Pawnee Indian belief. It says;

“In the beginning of all things, wisdom and knowledge were with the animals, for Tirawa, [the One Above], did not speak directly to man. He sent certain animals to tell men that he showed himself through the animals, and from the animals, and from the stars, the sun and the moon, man should learn how to live.”

My teachers are now the animals of Tirawa, particularly dogs. I started a no kill rescue to give them a new lease on life: just as I was given. I chose the fork that would allow me to spend my remaining years in the natural and spiritual world of animal; not the secular world of material riches

5 Lessons on living a higher life that I learned from shelter dogs these past 10 years?

  1. Shelter dogs have taught me what selfless and unconditional love looks like.
  2. Shelter dogs have taught me how to live in the moment, no longer fretting about the past, or worrying about the future.
  3. Abused shelter dogs taught me how to love all: even those who hurt us.
  4. Abandoned and discarded shelter dogs have taught me to forgive all, even those who reject and wrong us
  5. And most of all shelter dogs have taught me how to live in joy and in peace, every moment of every day.

And that is why we are all really here: To do as our teachers, our dogs do: have fun, and share joyfully and fully, with forgiveness and hope each day in this miraculous and divine moment of time together.

If you love dogs as we do, you can sign up for our daily  CNN – CANINE NETWORK NEWS. It’s free at CanineNetwork.com


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Please Don’t Abandon Your “Fur” Kids


Can you imagine being foreclosed on; leaving your home, and not taking your kids with you? How callous would that be?

Yet every month people are leaving their homes, closing the door behind them and leaving their bewildered and frightened family pet behind and just drive away. We have rescued family dogs and cats left locked in basements, garages, back yards and houses with no food and no water. They are many times starving and near death when we finally hear about their plight from a  concerned neighbor, Realtor or shelter and rescue them.

There is no excuse for this evil behavior today. If you have to move please take your “fur” kids with you. You don’t leave your two-legged kids behind, please don’t abandon your 4 legged kids either. Cats and dogs are domesticated animals and just cannot survive locked up with no food, water and love.

If you cannot take them to an apartment then ask a neighbor, friend or relative to adopt them. Or call a local no kill rescue to get them. Or at least call your shelter. But please do not leave them behind to die a slow painful death. Sometimes they are listless skin and bones when we get them. Your pets loved you. They feel fear and pain just as you do. If  life has been unkind recently to you please do not take out your pain on your innocent animal.

Man up…do the right thing.

We presently have a happy little 3 legged dog named JD that was left behind to die. He was hit by a car and had his leg removed. Then his parents moved out and left him behind in the backyard to die. Despite all JD has been through this little guy is still happy and loving. Thank God a neighbor called to get him rescued. He is available for adoption now, or for a temporary foster home.

Please call right away or email Steve Monahan at the Cherokee County Animal League if you can help us get a well deserved loving home for JD. He is in Woodstock Georgia in our care.

Email Steve at CherokeeAnimalLeague@gmail.com, or call him at 770 712-4077.

Or visit our website to donate for JD’s care  


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