Teaching Kids A Persons or Dogs Color shouldn't Matter

Teaching Kids Color Doesn’t Matter

“Teaching Kids color doesn’t matter”

Green Pets newest “pet” project is an awareness campaign for “Black Dog Friday”. Black Dog Syndrome is a real thing.  A phenomenon that most shelter workers deal with daily. 

People judge dogs by their color

Black Dogs get passed over for lighter colored dogs

Black Dogs are least adopted and therefore the most euthanized of all shelter dogs

Dark furred dogs rot in their kennels waiting for someone to love them.

Lighter colored siblings get adopted out immediately.

At Green Pets we ask… is the color of a dog the kind of judgement we want to teach our children?  The thought process of thinking one dog is better than the other, solely based on a dog’s color is wrong. It’s equal to making the same judgement about the people in our community. 

Treatment of our animals is a deep seeded psycho social issue.  As an example, there’s a direct link to animal abuse and domestic abuse.  And between judgment of people by color. 

We hope to change seeded bias with the “Black Dog Friday” educational campaign. We do this in many ways including teaching in schools the humane treatment of all animals, regardless of age, color or breed. 

As the saying goes, if you know better you do better. At Green Pets we work daily to ensure via education that our next generation will do better when it comes to loving and caring for all companion animals, regardless of breed, age or color. 

Black Dog Friday

  • Teaching children dogs and people are the same regardless of color.
  • Getting black dogs adopted from shelters every Friday.
  • Connecting people to awesome dogs… and dogs to awesome people.
  • Helping end People, Gender and Animal bias in America

Black Dog Friday  – Teaching Kids Color Doesn’t Matter


Teaching Kids Color Doesn't Matter

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