the meals fur pets story

The Meals Fur Pets Story

The Meals Fur Pets Story is not your basic “rescue the dogs” kind of nonprofit. In the day to day area that means we seek to fill in the gaps that exist in making sure there are the needed resources to keep a families pet and the family together in hard times.

It may be providing funds to pay for medical care for a beloved pet. Or pay medical bills a family cannot pay for a dog run over by a car, needing emergency vet care. It means paying for spay and neuter to reduce  the number of puppies abandoned, winding up in our local animal shelter.

Or providing healthy, holistic, organic pet food so no family pet goes without at least one healthy and nutritious meal a day.

The Meals Fur Pets Story

We believe dogs and cats; the animals we call our pets or companion animals, are an extension of our family. They deserve the same respect, care, nutritious food and love provided to all in our family and in our community.

The Meals Fur Pets Story for over 10 years has worked with local food pantries to ensure a family that finds themselves on hard times shouldn’t mean they give their furry companions up.  Would you give up your kids if you lost your job?

MFP helps families pay medical expenses of a loved companion animal ensure their loved one stays as healthy as possible.  A loyal and faithful companion should never be given up because they get sick, injured or hungry.

The Meals Fur Pets Story


We’ve even helped honor our working K9s by providing a fenced in area as their very own “break room”.  Our police K9 is on the job protecting us 24/7 and at Green Pets America we want to help care for and celebrate these working officers, with the dignity, honor and respect they deserve.

And, we have even been recognized by the State Senate of Georgia and City Council of Woodstock for our work for Georgia’s families and pets.

What will the next 10 years bring?

Meals Fur Pets has always been about pets and green living. Starting now in 2017 we will grow and expand our vision of a green, organic, healthy and holistic lifestyle for people and their pets.

Great strides have been made in peoples desire to bring shelter and homeless animals into their homes the last decade. We see our mission as now helping those families care for their new family members…and themselves as well.

We have a lot of experience in wellness and nutrition and will be providing articles, courses, community programs and even healthy green products for pets and families.

Meals Fur Pets bringing Green, Organic, Healthy & Holistic Living to People & Pets.

The Meals Fur Pets Story

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