The Subaru Dogs

Subaru Dogs

Subaru DogsSubaru cars who focus their marketing ads on the bond between humans and their companion animals, is a successful Cause Marketing program example. The mutual benefit is that Subaru receives “halo effect admiration” from animal lovers, sells more cars, and animal welfare causes get financial support from Subaru to fund their causes. A classic win- win cause marketing program. Who doesn’t smile when they see the Subaru Dogs.

At Green Pets America we create unique Cause Marketing programs, benefiting  business and an animal welfare causes. Programs such as  Black Dog Friday, Rescue Renew Rehome, Save A Life, Green Shelters and CARLA [Companion Animal Right to Life Act].

Our Executive Director and founder is a nonprofit executive and animal welfare thought leader. Monahan was recognized by the State Senate of Georgia for Humanitarian Service to Georgia’s people and pets and his home City of Woodstock, Ga for creating its first pet food pantry for families in need.

If you have questions on Cause Marketing please send them to Steve@GreenPetsAmerica.orgSubaru Dogs


subaru dogs

black dog friday

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Author: Steve Monahan

Steven Monahan is a best-selling author and the Founder and Chairman of  GPA Charities and Black Dog Steve presents at school education programs and adult seminars. He shares his insights, expertise, and passion on the human-animal bond; including, pet nutrition, pet care, animal welfare and Black Dog Syndrome. Steve has been honored by the State of Georgia for his dedication to families and pets. He can be reached at