Truth On Heart Stick Animal Shelter Killing

The Truth On Heart Stick Animal Shelter Killing.

“Intracardial injections are difficult to administer effectively on fully conscious animals because, in the animal, the lungs and the heart are constantly moving”, said Dr. Bonnie Beaver, a veterinarian and professor of veterinary medicine who is considered a euthanasia expert by the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Heart stick euthanasia is an intracardiac lethal injection. It is a barbaric and extremely inhumane way to euthanize a live un-sedated shelter animal.  A needle and syringe containing sodium pentobarbital is pounded through the chest wall and severs layers of muscle into the dog or cats heart. On a shelter pet that isn’t sedated or comatose prior to the stabbing into the heart, it is very hard to do because the dog or cats body is in constant motion, trying not to be violently killed by the persons holding it down. It’s not uncommon for the shelter worker administering the heart stick injection to miss and accidentally punctures the lungs and causes them to fill up with fluid. To say the least, this is a very barbaric way to kill a shelter pet in this day and age and for the pet, it is a VERY painful way to die.The Truth On Heart Stick Animal Shelter Killing.

At Black Dog Syndrome, Black Dog Friday and our parent organization we are all united and vehemently against this brutal and unneeded way to kill a shelter pet. There is the standard euthanization injection that is more humane.

While many community animal shelters have stopped this brutal way to kill an animal some still do it. They are condoned by the elected officials that oversee the shelters. The shelters and our elected officials are complicit in this brutal method of euthanizing dogs and Cats in our States. Animal Shelter’s use the Heart Stick method simply to save tax dollars. If a third world country did this we would be up in arms, yet we allow this in America. This is not a compassionate way to treat an animal created by God. This is not a Christian way to honor life.

Join with  Green Pets America Charities and animal advocates across America to end the barbaric practice of -Heart Stick Killing – in America’s community animal shelters.

Every year America’s animal shelters kill 4 million pets in their care, This must end. It is inhumane and not Christian. All life is precious.

There is a kinder way…

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  • The Truth On Heart Stick Animal Shelter Killing.