Want to Feel Loved – adopt a dog

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Looking for a special someone?

Being alone increases the risk of everything from heart attacks to dementia, depression and death, whereas people who have someone in their life sleep better, age more slowly and respond better to vaccines. The effect is so strong that curing loneliness is as good for your health as giving up smoking.

One of the best and cheapest ways to overcome being alone is to get a companion animal. The best RX, better than depression drugs is a cat or dog. They are with you always, they look to you for care and love, giving you a positive reason to get up each day and face the world. And they listen to you without judging or complaining.

Even if others think you an idiot, or a pain in the butt, your pet thinks you are the most brilliant and absolutely best person in the world.

Oh, and when you do get a dog or cat, please adopt one from your animal shelter or local rescue group. You will feel doubly happy and brilliant.


Steve Monahan an author and the founder of Green Pets America.org and Green Pets Europe.

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Steven Monahan

Animal welfare thought leader. My writings and books are a reflection of my beliefs on the interconnected genius of life. I was an introverted teen who broke open his shell and morphed into a successful corporate executive, then death survivor, then entrepreneur and now author and mentor. I believe we are each here for a wonderfully unique reason. Our quest is to follow where ever the path leads, in awe of the visions and the people we meet along the way.