Who is PAWS B Us

Paws B Us is a PET THEME PARK in the initial development stage. Paws B Us is being created and designed by Steven Monahan, animal welfare leader and founder of GPA Charities.

Steven is a prior Corporate executive, who after surviving a terminal illness expanded his vision and purpose in life. He became an animal welfare philanthropist. Steve’s vision is celebrating the Human and Animal bond. Bringing an end to animal cruelty, and species extinction.

Who is PAWS B Us
Steven Monahan – Licensee and Creator TEDx Dupree Park Stage.

who is paws b us
Pet Grooming Services
who is Paws B Us
Pet Agility Events

At Paws B Us you and your companion animals can spend the day together. Enjoy pet events, pet centric restaurants, in and outdoor dining. A stay over hotel, and green space walking trails and parks.

Stop at Veterinarian offices, get shots, and wellness exams. Visit unique boutique pet and food shops. Visit dog groomers. Stop by and get a pet portrait. Maybe try pet obedience lessons. Or, dog Agility training, and events in our outdoor stadium.

who is Paws B Us
No Kill Pet Adoption

Think Disney for you and your companion pets. Spend the day or stay over at the Paws Hotel. Then in the morning have breakfast together where you and you Pooch can dine together at the Paws Bistro.

Enjoy pet events, pet centric restaurants, restaurants, hotel, and green space walking trails.
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