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Green Pets America Charities, America’s first home delivery pet food pantry.

A 501c3 IRS-certified nonprofit founded in 2004, in Atlanta Ga.

Green Pets Charities is Guidestar Gold Star rated and Top 1% of all nonprofits.

Recognized by the State of Georgia Senate.

Many times people ask us what Pet Food Pantries do. The next is OMG, we are so glad you are here to help us. We cannot feed our cats or dogs and we will not abandon them, or take them to our local shelter …because we are distressed, she is our baby, and we are afraid they will kill her.

She said we are distressed, she is our baby, and we are afraid they will kill her.

If you’re not one of the millions of people who live paycheck-to-paycheck you are truly blessed and fortunate. With today’s volatile employment challenges and sky-high food inflation, just one bad break can rock their world.

 An unsuspected bill or missing paychecks could be a life-changer. When financial hardship strikes (and it could happen to anyone) keeping food on the table often becomes a challenge. For people, local compassionate nonprofit organizations exist to provide support through local soup kitchens and food banks. But what happens to Fido when money or food to eat is just not there? Well, thankfully, there are pet food pantries for our fur kids, and fur kid parents as well.

Two Simple but Powerful Ways to Support Your Communities Pet Food Pantry

  1. Volunteer – Volunteers help fundraise, stock the pantry, drive, distribute food, and spread the word in the community. Donations – Donations are the backbones of a successful food pantry, and they’re always in need of supplies. Along with bags of food, many pet food pantries also supply pet essentials.
  2. Donations are vital and necessary to pay for pet food and treats and care for a pet. Healthy, better-brand Pet food and treats are always in demand. And toys, collars, blankets, litter, and other pet essentials are always needing replacement.
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