25 green plants to grow in your garden friendly to your pet

Enjoy today’s article on 25 green plants to grow in your garden friendly to your pet.

You love your pets. You share your home, your time, your affection, and maybe even your bed with your green pets. But should you share the food that you grow in your garden? The answer depends on what you grow.

In this issue of Green Pets you’ll learn 21 Plants your green pet should not eat. And learn 25 green plants your green pet can eat.

21 Plants Pets Shouldn’t Eat

If consumed, some of these plants may cause your pets only mild discomfort. But others could result in an emergency trip to the veterinarian.

So if you have curious pets and are growing any of these plants, make sure they’re out reach.

• Borage• Catnip

• Chamomile• Chives

• Coleus• Epazote

• Eucalyptus• Lavender

• Leeks• Lemon grass

• Lovage• Marjoram

• Mint• Morning glory

• Oregano• Parsley

• Sorrel• Sweet peas

• Tomato plant (and unripe fruit)

• Watercress• Yarrow

See any plants you didn’t expect? For me, catnip was a surprise. (After all, it’s famous for mesmerizing felines.) But according to the ASPCA, Catnip may actually cause vomiting and diarrhea in some cats.

How to Keep Animals Out of Your Garden

If you’re growing any of the plants above, you may be wondering how you can prevent your pets from eating them. Or maybe you’d just like to keep animals away from your garden in general.

Build a barrier. The best way to prevent your pets from eating your plants is to limit their access with a barrier.

Grow plants that pets don’t like. Plants that may drive animals away include pungent herbs, such as sage and rosemary, and the edible flower marigold. (Bonus: These plants will help repel bad bugs, too.)

Startle with motion-activated sprinklers. Most cats and dogs detest being sprayed with water. So for particularly troublesome pets, consider installing motion-activated sprinklers near your garden.This is also an effective method for scaring off other animals (e.g., deer, raccoons).

25 Plants Your Pets Can Eat (in Moderation)

Not all plants are dangerous, many are non-toxic (and even healthy) for dogs and cats.

The following plants have been deemed “pet-friendly.” But moderation is key. Too much plant material may cause digestive upset (i.e., a mess on your living room rug).

• Basil• Bell peppers

• Broccoli• Cauliflower

• Cilantro• Cucumber

• Dill• Hibiscus

• Impatiens• Leafy greens (e.g., chard, lettuce, kale)

• Lemon balm• Marigold

• Nasturtium• Peas

• Rosemary• Sage

• Salad burnet• Savory

• Snapdragon• Squash (all types)

• Strawberries• Thyme

• Tomatoes (ripe fruit only)• Watermelon

• Zinnia

As with introducing any new food to your green pet, it’s best to add fresh produce to your pet’s diet gradually. Enjoy green living this summer for you and your pets. Green Pets America – Steve Monahan.

We hope you and your pet benefit from today’s article: 25 green plants to grow in your garden friendly to your pet


25 green plants to grow in your garden friendly to your pet