6 Tips for dogs with noise phobia.

Here are 6 Tips for dogs with noise phobia.

  1. Play calm, soothing music before a possible stressor occurs. This may relax your dog and have the added bonus of drowning out distressing noises.
  2. If your dog seems to respond well to pressure applied to her body, there are wraps available (e.g., Thundershirt, TTouch anxiety wrap) that many pet owners and veterinarians find extremely helpful.
  3. Ttouch is a specific massage technique that can help anxious pets.
  4. Consult your holistic vet about homeopathic, TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) and Bach flower remedies that could be helpful in alleviating your dog’s stress. Products I use, always in conjunction with behavior modification, include homeopathic aconitum, Hyland’s Calms Forte, Rescue Remedy or other similar remedies depending on the animal.
  5. Calming nutraceuticals and herbs that can be of benefit include holy basil, l-theanine, rhodiola, ashwagandha, GABA, 5-HTP and chamomile. Consult your holistic vet about which makes sense for your pet
  6. The essential oil of lavender has also been proven to reduce a dog’s stress response. I recommend placing a few drops on your dog’s collar or bedding before a stressor occurs, if possible, or diffuse the oil around your house for an overall calming effect.

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6 Tips for dogs with noise phobia.

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