Author: Steven Monahan

What is the New Plant-based Global Treaty

This concise article is on, What is the New Plant-based Global Treaty. The Plant-Based Treaty has three core principles: relinquish, redirect, and restore. The Treaty’s overarching goal is to actively reverse the damage that animal-based food industries have caused. This includes land degradation, deforestation, water, and air pollution, biodiversity loss, ocean dead zones, and greenhouse gas emissions. […]

Rescue Dogs and Team left behind in Kabul

Contract K-9 soldiers left behind in Kabul. American Humane Society stands ready to help transport these contract K-9 soldiers to U.S. soil. The American Humane Society made this announcement today.“I am devastated by reports that the American government is pulling out of Kabul and leaving behind brave U.S. military contract working dogs to be tortured […]

Why Millennials Love Dogs

Why Millennials Love Dogs. Millennials recently overtook Boomers as the largest pet-owning group of Americans; by some estimates, more than half of them have a dog. Dogs are, for Millennials, a perfect balm for purgatorial anxieties. If you have time and care to give, dogs love freely, they put you on a schedule, they direct […]