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Black Dog Publishing Atlanta Georgia

Black Dog Publishing

Atlanta Georgia, USA

Our latest animal welfare education and picture books are Project Black Dog Adoption, Rescue Renew Rehome and Art of the Black Dog.

Art of the Black Dog  a full color photography book of beautiful black dogs from around the Globe. Additionally, it has prose and poems and inspiring information on black dogs. Its focus is on the Story of Black Dog Syndrome that leads to the euthanization of over one-half -million black dogs annually in America’s animal shelters. Art of the Black Dog has been well received and has garnered numerous 5 Start reviews.

Rescue Renew Rehome  the story of dog rescue and the future of animal welfare and the pet industry in America. Rescue Renew Rehome has also received numerous 5 Star reviews.

Project Black Dog Adoption  Black Dog Publishing’s latest art book. It has beautiful original photography black dogs showcased as well as wonderful information on black dogs and an inspiring story of Sheba the therapy dog that consoled survivors and their loved ones at hospitals and other sites near the Pentagon at 911.