Black Jac Dog Food Toppers

Black Jac Dog Food Toppers

Black Jac Dog Food Toppers. From Plant Based Pets. Nutritious Plant-based, Organic Dog Food Toppers. Add wellness and longer life on top of your dogs daily Kibble or wet dog food.

Hi, I’m Steve Monahan, a former fortune 100 executive and animal welfare leader. In 2007 I founded Green Pets America -Humane Society in Atlanta, Georgia. In that time I have been in all aspects of animal welfare: rescue, adoption, pet food pantry, school programs, and authoring books.

While I am a Vegan I believe that our pets have a need for meat. Plant Based Pets is a plant-based topper to add to a pet’s food bowl of Kibble or wet food. Pets are dying of human diseases like heart disease, diabetes, etc. because of poor pet food nutrition. I feel it’s possible and critical that a line of organic and nutritious plant-based pet food “Toppers” that owners simply open and add on top of store-bought dry kibble or wet dog food will help our beloved pets eat healthier and live longer. For instance our brand, Black Jac (named after my personal rescue Jackson) contain organic multicolor plant-based mixed veggies, with black beans, and natural probiotics all to enhance the nutrition of the meat-based kibble that our pets eat daily. Kibble is ultra-processed and cooked at ultra-high temps to kill the toxins from downed, dead, and diseased animals from Factory Farms and slaughter-houses. In the factory rendering, too much of the meat nutrients are burned out in the process. I am eager and open to ideas to help our pets live longer and disease-free as possible.

We are presently in the process of launching an Advisory Board to see how we can bring this unique concept to market. Let me know if you and others may want to become a Feasibility Board Member. Steven Monahan. Email me at

Each topper contains healthy human grade organic black beans, veggies, and probiotics.

Black Jac Dog Food Toppers

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